Thursday, 23 July 2015

Homemade Paint EASY

 Let's face it , with a toddler making things at home is about as frugal-smart as you can get. You know that if I can make something at home I will. Why pay for store bought , when for for practically free, you can make it at home. It also builds creativity experience and excitement for my toddler ; so win win either way .
Today's venture was finger paint .
So easy and super simple . INGREDIENTS:

I am in awe at how versatile flour, salt and water are together .The amount of things that you can create just from these 3 ingredients is mind boggling.
(I use alot of Great Value stuff.Lets face it , it is cheap . I have no affiliation with Walmart what so ever though I just like their products and love the price.)
 Mix flour and salt together.
Add water and mix . Should have a nice runny mixture.

From there I transferred my mixture to little plastic cups to tint with food colouring. You can use whatever you have around. Bowls work fine to .
Few drops to make different colours and ready to stir .
6 different colours all ready to go .
The fun begins .
 He was having fun and I knew within minutes the wasting (err Pour Masterpiece ) would begin.

 I think the final pour Masterpiece looks like a turtle to me .
It was a fun, near to free craft.
So simple to make and non-toxic to boot.
If you manage to have any paint left over after fun you can store covered for another day.

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