Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Goldfish Crusted Turkey Nuggets - Mini Post

Like many , my toddler is a picky picky eater. If it isn't grilled cheese, a slice of pizza or chicken nuggets he really isn't going to eat it. He loves lots of snack treats including Goldfish crackers which he loves. 
I needed to make something else for a variety in his life so I made Goldfish crusted Turkey nuggets . 

 So easy , I cut up cooked turkey breast and put them in egg wash , just 2 eggs scrambled that is it. You can add salt to taste if needed .
 I crushed up Goldfish crackers to roll the turkey in .
 Cooked them on the stove top for about 5 min each side on low- med heat . I wanted to make sure the egg was well cooked as well .
 They actually turned out amazing . Perfect crust on each side.
Best part is that he ate them. So we can ditch the processed chicken nuggets and have homemade .

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