Friday, 30 October 2015

Little Passports

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Let your children take an adventure in your own home . You can travel to unknown parts of the World and delve into places you have only been in your imagination.
Dive into the depths of a World Adventure with your imagination and your Little Passports surprise subscription every month .
I am so interested in a Little Passports subscription for my toddler because of what it will offer him . Not only can he learn about the world around him, but he can explore all these things right here in the comfort of our own home. We may not have the means to take off and travel to different parts of the world at the moment , but we can without going anywhere thanks to a Little Passports subscription .

Little Passports is such an amazing way to teach your child about the amazing World around us.
For the EARLY EXPLORERS Ages 3-5 (recommended) , your toddler can explore a new World theme every month .

First month to get started your EARLY EXPLORERS are sent everything they need to get started :
-fun orange suitcase
wall-sized World map
-20 page activity book
-luggage tag
-stickers and wall decals

On going monthly theme kits come with :
-20 page activity booklet
-flashlight adventures
-stickers and wall decals

Max, Mia, and Toby (photo credit to Little Passports website)

Your toddler or preschooler will go on these adventures with Max, Mia, and their dog Toby.
For all the details on the packages offered including pricing head over to their website here Little Passports

For the WORLD EDITION  age 6-10 (recommended) , the first month they receive:
-signature blue suitcase
-own passport
-wall-sized World map
welcome letter from new pen pals Sam and Sofia
-stickers, photo and activity sheet
-plus access to online game in Boarding Zone

New country each month with :
-letters from Sam and Sofia
-fun souvenirs
-activity sheets
-stickers for your suitcase , passport, and map
-access to Boarding Zone and more online games

 Sam and Sophia (photo credit to the Little Passports website)
For all details and the packages offered including pricing head over to their website Little Passports

For the USA EDITION 7-12 (recommended) your first month THE DISCOVERY KIT comes with:
-USA field guide
-USA scratch book
-wall-sized USA map
-a welcome letter from your new pen pals Sam and Sophia
-disposable camera and photo scavenger hunt project

Ongoing monthly State adventure Kit includes:
-TWO new states each month
-32 page activity state journal
-stickers and postcards
-pop out modes
-access to more info and activities on line

For all details and the packages offered including pricing head over to their website Little Passports

The fun does not just stop at these amazing subscriptions. You wont believe the cool stuff they have in their Little Passports Gift Shop. So many more cute add on  or just a purchase.
My toddler is partial to the Dino Pals backpack
(photo credit to the Little Passports website )

I think the Kits are pretty cool myself . Grab either a  Coral Reef Kit  or a Weather Lab Science Kit

(both pictures credit to the Little Passports website)

Whatever choice you make, your first choice is to get over and take a peek on the website. Everything seems so cool and interesting . I can't wait to see my toddlers face light up . This would be a perfect gift for any child in your life.

You have to start somewhere so start by clicking this link : Little passports (click here :) )

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