Thursday, 29 October 2015

The P.I.F Mentality , Experiment in P.I.F Mode

An Update first on the Social Experiment and P.I.F
The night of the second day produced a a chain of events that had me going in circles and trying to catch my thoughts. An amazing gift of the entire rest of the personal part of the  Go Fund Me was gifted to me . Not words to express my gratitude .
Though despite this amazing gift , I was slightly bolder in my sharing .
I have received $25.00 over the amount so far , so I have 12.50 ready to go for my Pay It Forward come the first week of December .
(more in depth of how the experiment went at the end )

The P.I.F Mentality 

Do you jump on the band wagon of a cause so that you can say "Oh , I was Part of that"?

Are you a self righteous P.I.F kind of person that doesn't really think you should pay anything forward, and just do it because you want something in return?

Do you have to feel like it makes you a better person in the long run?

I would really love to get a handle on what the P.I.F mentality is for everyone as an individual.
A lot of people say they pay for a strangers something  and have no issues doing so .  But why is there a difference or an immediate negative response when someone they know reaches out?

Personally I give whenever I can . A lot of times for me I can not provide the physical aspect of money , but I give money in many different ways. To me it just makes sense ,

Have at it , sound off in the comments below or directly on the Go Fund Me page .

I realize the amount of the goal was met for me personally , but the other side is the P.I.F side and I truly hope there will be more who decide to take part.

You can click this link Go Fund Me directly an it will take you right to my page.
As always feel free to sound off in any manner as that is part of this entire experiment as well. To those who have had any participation in any way , I thank you .

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