Thursday, 29 October 2015

The Poop Demon - Mini Daily Giggle

The sound of terror rips through the night. You hear the distant gurgle fill the air; you know it is coming . You hear your little one stir , you sense the rise , his dreadful scent is in the air. You then hear it , the sound horror was made of . And slowly as if the sounds of 1000 trumpets blaring in a war battle cry , one last blast explosion echos through the walls and filling the air.
You hear them cooing , you know they need you . The Demon must be ousted. It has to be cleaned. You reach them and all fears in your head are confirmed. Your once sweet smelling clean little one is now not only covered , but taken over by the Poop Demon as well.
You struggle to pick them up , you hold them so far outstretched in your arms hoping nothing leaks anywhere on your run .
BUT , where are you running to? The shower you scream in your head , the only place you realize may contain the Poop Demon and the horrific aftermath .
You stand them up ready to oust the Demon , only to your horror realizing that this will take more than the one set of hands that you have . But you are ever home alone to deal with the Demon, you are a single mom . There is never the extra set of hands you need to help you . You can do this you plead .
You gasp , the fear welling up to the highest point as the giggling mess in your arms thinks that this is the perfect time to squirm and wiggle getting more covered with each second that ticks by.
The explosion is now everywhere , the Poop Demon now owns the room. You try with all your might to get the clothes off . Logic has no place here as to how the Poop Demon has reached your little ones hair. When did it get on the wall, and how for that matter?
Where are those extra hands you scream , that you know aren't coming.
The only answer is to wash it away . Just grab the sprayer and hope it pelts down with the force of a power washer . Please just cleanse it all away . Take this horrible scene away . When will my two hands become the seven  I need!
You finally and not sure how make your little one clean again . The adrenaline took away all knowledge of how you have a clean little one with no traces of the Poop Demon left on them anywhere . You can breath a sigh of relief , finally breathing without the sting , vile stench that burned your nose hairs when this cleansing began .
You have come out unscathed. ( you tell yourself in vain)
You pray with all your might as you re-dress your now cute, smelling fresh , giggling little creature in hopes that it does not happen again . That or you at least get some sort of containment unit in place before it happens again.  You made it, brief success. Your once again bundle of joy is once again content and ready to peacefully sleep the night or mere minutes away .
You take in the joy , a sense of relief floods your life even for seconds.

But the Poop Demon never really goes away , you never know what corner he is lurking around. What time, and when ; OMG where will he rear his terrorizing head again.
Next time you may not be so lucky .

Stories ladies or dads of funny Poop Demon mayhem  , have at it , lets have a giggle today . 
Leave your stories in the comments . 

( I sent in a variation of my story to YMC for a mom stories random contest a few months back. But since I wrote this and own it here it is for a giggle and discussion)

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