Saturday, 20 February 2016

Reviewing a product or service for YOU !!! Why you should chose Me to work with .

I love reviewing products. As a single Mom anywhere that I can incorporate items that benefit myself and my toddler for free or as near to free as possible is a huge game changer for us; in an amazing positive way .

With me, you are giving your product to someone to try who really appreciates it, can use it, and values it more than just someone who wants a free product. Your product or service is not just another thing for free to me. It is so much more and accepted and valued with such a high standard of gratitude.

The reason behind is enough for you to be comfortable knowing that the person you entrusted with receiving your product, will provide you with the utmost respect and value.

Oh did I mention that I DO NOT CHARGE A MONETARY FEE to work with you. Nope , no extra fees to you for some extra free marketing . Of course I do require the product or service free of charge(shipping incl.) in exchange for an open and honest review. And open and honest I am .  I will of course and do disclose that the product was given to facilitate the review.

My toddler is my helper in reviews with products that he can use or try , and if I need to branch out for help I have family for that.

At times when you wish to include the same product or service given to me as a prize for a giveaway to be a part of the review post; it is your complete responsibility to ship the prize to the winner with no responsibility falling on my shoulders except for returning the winners complete address and details to you.

The way I see it for myself is that if you are gracious enough to send me your product, you are putting your trust in me to provide an open and honest review all facets included. The least I can do for you is provide the blog review and some of my time for the gift of your product or service.

I may go about it differently then other bloggers who are out there just to score the goods , I may be a small blogger in terms of not being "viral" as they say , but I do have a good following and one I am proud of and I seem to do all right. Just take a look at some review posts and you will know what I mean . I may think differently then others about how they feel with companies and their use of marketing methods and whether your time should be paid for or not. But that is just me .

I appreciate the chance to work with any company , home business , or service big or small .

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I appreciate your visit and stopping by , even if you are just here to have a read .
And of course it goes with out saying that all goods , products, or services I receive to review are mine to keep and will not be returned to sponsor .

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