Tuesday, 3 May 2016


I was chosen to take part in the #StayfreeChallengeContest

We were given a kit to test the new pad from Stayfree and what you currently use.

Here are the results
 Stayfree is very dry I will have to admit within the quick 30 seconds time .
I cropped my full view of my cloth pad , while completely clean there are always those who take offense at the drop of a hat so I went for a condensed version.
The water content in my cloth pad is evident and definitely not close to the absorbancy of the Stayfree pad in the initial 30 seconds , however ...
This will not make me switch from cloth back to disposal . If I was an avid disposable wearer then yes I would make the switch to new Stayfree Ultra Thin.

And since I had a toddler hanging around and he has to break things apart and look at everything . We did our own rendition of a science lab (my kid is fascinated with Hobby Kids )

So we broke it apart to see what was inside and what happened to the liquid .
The inside is full of goop and gel like stuff and alot for 5l of liquid I personally think.
But if disposable pads are your thing these Stayfree Pads deliver on what they say they do .

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