Friday, 6 May 2016

When Dinosaurs are on the menu of the Sugar Cookie Persuasion

I have a Dino crazed toddler in the home so any chance to make food into a Dino is on point and par in my house .

Easy sugar cookie Recipe used to make them
1/2  C butter or margarine
1/2  C sugar
Cream these two together . I added green food coloring into the margarine and sugar mix to get our Dino color.
Add 1 C of  flour  and 1/2 TSP of baking soda and 1 TSP of vanilla.
Mix it all together I am old school and wash my hands thoroughly and use them as my mixers .


I do not chill my dough so you do not need to either and because my Dino loving toddler used my rolling pin in some experimentt and broke it , I just used a cup as a roller , worked just fine .

We used our Dino sandwich cutter to make our cookies .

All cut out and ready to go in the oven . We made our own blue colored sugar (sugar and food coloring easy peasy ) and made some Dino spots .

Cook in a 350 oven for about 7 mins, just till the edges are golden brown.

And there you have it your Dino snack .


  1. Those are so cute and sound delicious. Where did you get the sandwich cutter from?

    1. Thanks . My toddler played with more of them than actually eating them but was still fun . I got these from Amazon , and there are alot of other cute animal cutters as well . These ones were 4.88 total free shipping without needing prime.