Monday, 1 August 2016

A Chapman's Ice Cream Filled Summer

Nothing says summer like Chapman's Ice Cream.

For the month of August I will be posting adventures with our love of Chapman's Ice Cream .
These will be sponsored posts as I received product from Chapman's to help facilitate and be an add on for the posts of the summer

Let's dive into the summer of fun sponsored goodies that will be making an appearance during the month .

 These $4.00 coupons , love these. Every year I wait for when it opens up to get my yearly coupon. The best high value coupon out there in my opinion. Chapman's can go on sale for pretty cheap and you can frequently score 2 awesome products with just the one coupon .  For this purpose of A Summer of Chapman's I received 6 coupons .
 A beach Ball. Can not wait to toss this guy around on a lazy but fun filled day on the beach while soaking up the sun.
 Key Chain Light
 This is really cool , this pouch has a sticky back and adheres to your phone so you can put your cards in it .
 An awesome little flashy light. My toddler wants to score it for his bike for summer night rides.
 The Kids Club lanyard . It is amazing quality and perfect use to keep keys safe around your neck .

 A cute little kids club child sized watch .
 Some stationary stuff. I love it . Loving the cute little note pad and pen to make lists keep track or for whatever you need it for .
 Playing Cards :::: I love playing cards , so much fun on a summers night playing a hand of black jack or a game of solitaire to wind down the day . Perfect way to have a fun night around the table or camp fire watching the sun go down with laughter and cheer. Perfect way to relax when the kids go down if you want to unwind solitary.
 So these cards are a must have . The best part of the cards are the characters on them .They used the Kids Club Kids and ice creams ( and a dragon) in the Joker, Ace, King, Queen , and Jacks. They are so adorable . Perfect way to introduce this generation to the art of playing cards.
Some Kids Club Knights inspired goodies. This new line of ice cream is awesome and the kids will love it , stay tune for more in depth writings on this in a later post . There are a couple book marks, perfect to hold your place in your summer reads . The puzzle is really cool . It is on foam pieces and just the perfect amount of pieces for small ones to easily be able to piece it together . The activity book is seriously cool . It comes with reusable stickers and has fun activities throughout .

 If you have not joined Kids Club for your child , you really should. All of these cool kids club items can be won through activities ( you gain points)  or purchased through their website ( new , yeahhh). There are also more awesome treats to buy as well. I will be dedicating a post to the Kids Club so will get into more detail then . Take a peak for yourself and sign your kids up

Everything came in this awesome cooler bag. I will proudly use this as a beach bag if need be, to shop with to keep my ice cream treats frozen on the way home. This insulated bag is of a higher quality then most I have seen , includes a zippered top.

Proudly Canadian Chapman's is the only Ice Cream and Popsicle products you will need to keep your cool and indulge over the summer.
Stayed tuned.
Thank you Chapman's  - an amazing Ice Cream filled summer awaits.

Again disclosure I received these products for free in exchange for these posts. My opinions are completely my own and I do have a bias on the side of Chapman's since it is my favourite.

Stalk Chapman's you will be glad you did ...

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