Monday, 29 August 2016

When Hot is TOO HOT . Chapman's Ice Cream to the Rescue!!

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(Aug 3 2016)
It was one of those let's get Pizza days.  A payment from one of the online places I make a little extra cash from came through to the bank  , so pizza treat it is. ( GIFTHULK )
Hit up Pizza Pizza as it is the only place anywhere near me way out in this small rural town I am in . Actually surprised the little Kiosk /Gas Station is in town at all to be fair. Anyway neither here nor there . The real purpose of this post is to give thanks to Chapman's Ice Cream for their Lolly's ,for saving us from the heated melted mess we became just on the short walk from our house and back .
The added heat from the pizza and the fact that my toddler decided I needed to carry him as well as everything else , I was in rare form to say the least .

This heat is intense and just within the 20 minutes walk about (in total) outside holds the very real possible dehydration to my toddler. His intense activity makes 20 minutes seem like two hours.  I overloaded him with water before we left thinking it would be okay , we really did not have far to go , I was wrong and should have taken the glass of water regardless of the tantrum bringing it had caused.

Nevertheless knowing there were Chapman's Lolly's in the freezer to help cool us down made the ordeal all the sweeter.

We choose the Rocket Lolly's because of their flavours Lemon-Lime, Orange , Strawberry , though these are not the only in the Lolly line .
Assorted Super Lolly , Chocolate, Banana Super, Orange Super, L'il Fruity, Triple Treat are the others .  Best part for those that need it these are peanut free .

To see all things on a stick check out this link here :

Stalk Chapman's you will be glad you did ...

I was given coupons to buy product and facilitate this post all opinions are my own however .

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