Saturday, 3 September 2016

The King , Queen , Rock Star and World Title Holder of the Drumstick !!!! Ice Cream ... CHAPMAN'S

 To start on how delicious this cone is, does not even equal what needs to be portrayed . In fact whatever you are doing right now you need to stop ( finish reading this of course) , and run - don't walk to your nearest grocery ice cream freezer and buy yourself a box of these. You may need to buy a box for each member of your household because believe me you will not want to share .
They are  part of Chapman's Premium Canadian Collection . I of course chose the caramel , but you have the choice of Vanilla, Peanut Butter, and Chocolate as well . They are not nut friendly I am afraid ( though there is a wide collection of other just as awesome peanut free products from their entire nut free facility) . Here is the link to their Premium Collection of goodies CanadianCollection
 Such magnificence on a plate. You have no idea how hard it was to take a picture of this and not devour it right away after knowing how amazing it tastes. Perfect waffle cone and not soggy anywhere as they sometimes are, a chocolate covered goodness layer  over the vanilla ice cream; but the coating OHHH the coating .... bite sized caramel toffee skor like bits that burst flavour when you take a bite.
To cut straight through and see this thick blob of delicious caramel and the wait for it chocolate packed into the bottom of the waffle cone for that last perfect bite is magnificence purely . The amazing part is their is 2 bites of that chocolate at the end , no skimp on the last bite here no sir.
 Our first taste came on a day out and we decided to grab a snack 1 for each of us on the outing that day. Zach decided the cone was to be the star of the show.

Best part is mommy had to start the cone off for Zach . After that taste the gates of delicious goodness flooded open and I found the best ever ice cream snack for the rest of my life.  The memory of the taste is still there , it yes was that good. In our opinion anyway . Grandma and Uncle A agree.

As always thanks to Chapman's as I used a sponsored coupon to try the product. My own opinions though 100% .

Stalk Chapman's you will be glad you did ...

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