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Circle of Time Book Tour and Giveaway

Circle of Time 
By Debra Shively Welch
Genre: Time Travel, Historical

When 21-year-old Bridget Littleton decides to borrow her father's yacht and sail off of the tip of Florida toward Bermuda, she discovers that the legends about the Bermuda Triangle are very true.
After seeing a face in the ocean waves, her next memory is of spinning water and blackness. She awakens in the town of Bristol England in the year 1532.
Rumors of her beauty reach the court, and soon Bridget, known as Bridge, finds herself in the court of Henry VIII and Lady in Waiting to none other than Anne Boleyn.

Will she get out alive? Will she accidentally change the course of history, or is she indeed a part of the history she has studied since she was a little girl?

Born in Columbus, Ohio, Commissioned Kentucky Colonel, Honorable Debra Shiveley Welch, resides in Central Ohio with her husband Mark and son Christopher, an author and photographer. 
Author of seven books and a bevy of short stories and poems, Debra is the winner of Books and Authors best Native American Fiction, AllBooks Review Editor's Choice, Faithwriters Gold Seal of Approval - Outstanding Read, Books and Authors Best Non-Fiction Book and Excellence in Literature awards and is a medalist in the New Apple Award for Excellence.
Debra is now working on "Brave Heart Woman," third in the "Cedar Woman" series, "Memories of an Old Farm House," a micro memoir about her memories of her family's ancestral farmhouse situated on a hill across from Serpent Mound in Southern, Ohio and "Christopher's Family Table," a cookbook featuring recipes from Chopped Champion Christopher Thames and Chopped Champion Junior, Daniel Kligmann.

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  1. Thank you for being a part of the give away.

  2. I was asked to answer the following question, so here we go.

    Can you tell us who the real Anne Boleyn is and why she is a popular icon today?

    Let’s start with the second question: why is Anne Boleyn a popular icon today?

    I have been studying this fascinating family for 48 years and have never tired of the subject. I believe that what strikes us in today’s world is the fact that, what happened in Henry’s lifetime was, in fact, a family dynamic gone horribly wrong due, in great part, to the head injury Henry suffered in January of 1536. Anne, the key figure in this tragic time in history, fell victim to someone she trusted – her husband.

    Throughout time, spouses have had to deal with the prospect of losing their mates through death, infidelity, or a simple case of disenchantment. Anne dealt with all three. Some would argue that she got what she deserved, but Henrician politics was an entity unto itself, and it fueled a lot of what was to happen. So here Anne was, a young woman, and the king wanted her. Are any of us sure that we wouldn’t jump at the chance to become queen, or first lady, or a celebrity? Anne was forbidden to marry a man she truly loved, faced with no marital prospects, and the king wanted her. Enter the “Home Wrecker.” So Anne dances her way through time, happy at first, gives birth, miscarries at least twice, takes care of her husband, trusts him, and then out of the blue comes the sword.

    We have here a woman who is considered to be glamorous, witty and determined, who stole one woman’s husband and then lost him to another woman. This isn’t your neighbor next door, this is a queen who was the first queen to be beheaded. Add to that Henry’s proclivity to marry – often, and you have yourself a somewhat fairytale-like story.

    I believe that the final answer to the question is simply one of celebrity. Her story got out there and made her famous. We remember few queens, or kings for that matter, let alone study them and display the kind of obsession we exhibit toward, say Angelina Jolie, today. She is a 16th century celeb, and like other iconic celebrities, we will continue to be enthralled with her story.

    Who is the real Anne Boleyn?

    I can only conjecture, but here are the conclusions I have come to over the years:

    I believe that Anne came to court excited by the opportunity for a new life. She found herself a much sought after addition to the scene, and was probably somewhat drunk with her success. She was known to be attractive, witty, an accomplished musician, poet and lyricist, a good singer, expert needlewoman, and conversant in politics. She soon became engaged. Reports say that she truly loved Henry Percy and was devastated when her engagement to him was annulled. She was young, in love, and her prospects of a happy life with Henry Percy were smashed. Following this bitter disappointment was the attentions of none other than the king. It had to be a heady feeling to know that the king was courting her, and it must have assuaged her disappointment and hurt over the broken engagement. She fell in love, and eventually married that love, after a tumultuous love affair in which all of Europe watched and waited. Sounds a bit like the Kardashians, doesn’t it?

    A woman in love; an ambitious woman, whose sweetheart just happened to be the most powerful man in England: her rock star, her celebrity, and he wanted her. They married, had a family, and she lost that family. Indeed, like many women who are victims of partner abuse, because this is what it was in my opinion, she lost her life, leaving her baby behind. There are reports of her concern for her child.

    Reports say that, even as she stood on the scaffold deck, her eyes searched the crowd. Those who were with her in those last moments reported that she never believed the king would go through with it. Not her Henry. In those final moments, she scanned the crowd for her husband or his emissary, convinced that he would not do this to her.

    I’m glad it was quick.