Saturday, 29 October 2016

The Calico Cat :: A new hair style

Of course it goes with out saying that now in my life and after some realisations that I am ready to just live .

I was looking to change my hair. Something about changing your hair style in anyway seems freeing and rings some sort of happiness. Okay sometimes you try something new and instead of any feelings of happiness: you rage , hate it, cry ;but WHY ? ; it is only hair . It will grow out, it can be changed and colored again , no harm done.  Again yet another embedded belief this time around our hair.

So as I looked at a bottle of Splat Bleach sitting in my cupboard I had an idea .  Initially I thought I would go back to natural color .I really miss my blonde especially when I look at my toddler and his beautiful blonde hair. But then I  thought why , why go back there why not just do something different . And if i do not like it I will change it , or not .

It is not clear what made me think of a Calico Cat as inspiration , but that is exactly where my inspiration came from.  I was actually playing around with the idea about bleach and how it can multi tone things ( like bleached or acid washed jeans ) and knew I could have some fun with my hair, considering how dark it was.

(decided to use the free clip art I found and of course the tag of the creator is still left in the picture )

(Started with this dark hair this morning . I got a BZZ Agent of hair dye to try a couple months ago.  It was suppose to target 7 signs of ageing in your hair and their claim is take 10 years off your hair. It didn't ,the product was complete shit and horrible on my hair. )

I had an idea just a loose one , so I just started winging it . I put some bleach on different areas for different length of times to get the desired different tones. The only mistake I made was forgetting to leave the 5 strands of dark hair out so that I would have the really dark bits I wanted. Lesson learned . I have a solution for that though.
 Some reveals of the color.

 As for the finished product , nope not yet . I still have to get some black and white floss to put in my hair to round out the look. This will fix my mistake with the dark bits and add the extra white to make the perfect Calico Cat hair .

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