Friday 28 October 2016

The Laundry Basket ( worth the full read )

It is funny how making tiny little tweaks and changes in your daily life can have such an impact . Strange though that it takes so long to actually clue in to what it is around you and actually make the tweak come about and basically smack you on the head as if wake up dumb ass.

I am at a point in my life where I need a complete life overhaul . From my way of thinking, my daily routine ( so needs to change ) , my temperament ( lost me, I have been floating and just surviving not living or enjoying anything for the past three years to be honest) ; to just everything.

You know when you just feel lost and not right ; where something so much more is waiting for you , but because you chose to get trapped into auto pilot and let your external surroundings kill your soul and suck years from your existence ... Yeah ME TOO.

I am just so past and completely done with just the way my life is. And not on a complaining scale or not loving , but just done. Done to the point of coming to terms with things, smacking my own self for allowing me to be sucked into the auto pilot zone, to forgiving myself ( that is a big one) , to questioning old patterns , to realising gold mines of what I have to offer the world in terms of my qualities and some hidden projects to hit the Universe at some point , ( sooner than later as that is huge part of this whole wake up , I am done with this shit thing ); to just being ME.  Completely me , no holds barred , my authentic self  , just for me ; to find my place in this crazy world of ours.

So that brings me to where I am , and the silly old life pattern that actually got me thinking , What the Hell. And such a minor thing but huge in the whole realm of parts of happiness and just giving your head a shake like  where in the hell has your brain been.

So here it is ..
Why in the hell have I been saving my laundry to do on "laundry day " ??

And that is it , that is the simple silly question but holds so much more under the surface.

I have had to hand wash everything going on to three years now , and completely hand wash no washing machine, no dryer , no  laundry mat anywhere close , nothing  ( no wash board either by the way just saying ) . BUT just like I have seen everyone I know from a couple generations back I kept a laundry basket and waiting till this  embedded life pattern "laundry day" to wash my clothes.
I really never realised till just last week  honestly . The light didn't turn on , but when it did I had a whole bunch of life revelations all at once.

I seriously thought out loud why in the hell am I  doing that . There is such a negative cloud around that laundry basket for everyone , why was I continuing this pattern? I hand wash  my clothes , there is no washing machine calling me once a week to "Wash me" , yet here I was stuck in this embedded life pattern we almost all live in.

You can imagine how tired and sore my arms and back were after a day of doing laundry. Not to mention the scowl it caused. Not a pleasant experience at all , like to the point I hated it, ( after having to this 52 weeks a year for three years, hate not so much a strong word after all  )

And then it hit me..

Wash your Goddamn Clothes  Every Single Day . It will take less than 10 minutes to wash whatever myself and my toddler wore for the day and the basket will always be empty . I don't have a washing machine why I was waiting for a laundry day that was never to come ? Why I am I continuing to be embedded in this life pattern ? Not to mention the Why of what this makes you think about . Cause it is not just about a laundry basket . If  you don't have some A-HA moment in life , even so little ;you won't see the auto pilot verse you are stuck in.

I am actually back to a point of not minding the hand wash . It is now not this never ending suck hole that I loathed every week and everyday looking at a full basket of laundry .
Why do we that ? Why do we hold on to laundry to just add negativity to life ?

Unbelievable thought patterns we stick to for no reason . It is very freeing just making one tweak and life change , it opens the door to more. You can chip away the societal  crap that makes no sense .

So tell me , What is in your laundry basket?
 If you can find one old pattern and question it  and change it , even a little; something amazing happens in your life .

"Laundry Day" ... Who knew.

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