Friday, 13 January 2017

Day 13 ... 365 Days of Gratitude

Today is all about my Nana , though it is almost a year and a month to her passing just feel drawn to what she provided my life , so today I celebrate that .

So  today Gratitude will be in a form of a story in an way . Still 10 blessings for which I am grateful but wanted to make sure she was given a heartfelt note .

Nana, I an so grateful and thankful for the huge part of my life I owe to you . I am grateful for everytime you needed to save me and you you , or you and grandpa would show up no matter what time no matter the weather, ( even drive down closed roads due to white outs) and would come and get me , not to mention you lived close to 2 hours away . I am grateful for everytime you sat with me and we went through your old jewellery and your hope chest and I would listen to your childhood and how you first met grandpa. I loved that you would let me try on your wedding dress. After a few years when I was older didnt fit though . I am so grateful for every single outing  shopping excursion and time together. I am forever grateful for our strawberry picking trips . I am grateful for every day that we make cookies, especially the molasses ones that i still make today. I am grateful so our sit downs where we would eat a lemon meringue pie together. I am grateful each time you would ride the rides with us at wonderland , like the roller coasters and crazy rides, how you loved the swinging boat. I am forever grateful for our trips to the flea market on Tuesday nights and getting the cream puffs. I am so grateful for how much of my childhood was molded and filled with you ( and Grandpa of course) I hit the lotto with Grandparents . I am and will be forever grateful that you loved me . 
Thank You Thank you Thank you 

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