Saturday, 14 January 2017

Day 14... 365 Days of Gratitude

(pictured above with my oldest almost 21 years ago now)

(pictured above ith my youngest just over 4 years ago )

On the heals of my Nana tribute yesterday , of course it fitting to continue with my Grandpa today . I am so grateful to my Grandpa . It is rare to find someone who will load up 15 - 20people into his motorhome and chart them all to Canada's Wonderland , many times during the summer. I am so grateful for my Grandpa riding the rides with us , the big rides roller coasters , he loved them and would laugh just as much as we would. I am so grateful for him holding myself and my friend down on a ride that clearly we were to small for lol , but he held us in place.  I am so grateful for Grandpa driving many times in horrible weather sometimes on closed roads the almost 2 hours to get me if I needed them , no matter what time it was . Ia m so grateful to Sunday mornings , he worked so hard all week and the lucky thing about Sunday is the pancakes, made from scratch as well as the syrup . He taught me how to make them and have been making both pancakes and syrup his way still to this day . I am so grateful to my Grandpa for always pushing us back up the hill to their home after a day at Churchill park. Nana was not the active one with us , Grandpa took us walking every where , he would even get in and help us catch crayfish and minnows. By the time we were done playing no one had the strength to walk back up that steep hill, Grandpa did and sometimes he was pushing 4 of us up the hill at the same time. I am so grateful to never seeing him angry every  only once and I can say with certainty we deserved his anger. He was warranted to get mad many times but he never did , sometimes he would be told about us and he would just smile and never say a thing .. I am so grateful to my Grandpa of his zest for life, I live ageless thanks to him . I am so grateful for how hard he worked, I am so grateful to all the places he took us to . I am so grateful to the any times we went to Simcoe or Niagara Falls to see the Christmas lights  . Love you grandpa I am so grateful for the large part of my life you were a part of . Blessed is not a strong enough word for having you and Nana as grandparents .

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