Sunday, 15 January 2017

Day 15 ... 365 Days of Gratitude

I owe the same bit of respect to another man who was there for me as child. Ben Hanley my "step" Grandfather , but there was no step from his love that is for sure .Long since past but always thought about . You continue to be in many stories and memories from my childhood.
(Photo is from 1986 )

I am so thankful and grateful to you Grandpa for showing me how to garden and instilling the love of a garden to my life and what it would bring Graciously I am forever grateful for not being on the outside and you loved both and my older brother and myself the same as all the other blood grandchildren . I will always be so grateful for you taking me to the horse races and handing me 2 dollars to make a bet with you on a horse. No I was not supposed to be there , but you snuck me in with all the older kids . I to this day remember what you said about gambling and to keep your head on straight. It is okay to have fun but not in excess.. I kept that with me and in fact I only spent 1 quarter while I was in Vegas when I was waiting for my friend to use the bathroom . I am grateful for the dangerous rides with all the kids packed in the car, in the trunk , lol You were the free-range whatever as long as they are alive Grandpa and for that I thank you . Though most things were not such a good idea when I look back , my childhood where you are concerned would not have been the same . So grateful for the harmonica and turkey in the straw. I appreciate the entire part of life you held for my childhood and always have been grandpa Hanley . I loved every time you took us some where, every long hours you would walk through the garden . Every time you would pick peas with me . Love you . Thank you Thank you Thank you
With a nod to Grandma Hanley as well Love and Thank you

Back to numbered lists tomorrow. I just realised these key people over the last 3 days deserved a story not a list.
Hope you have a blessed day .

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