Friday, 6 January 2017

DAY 6 ... 365 Days Of Gratitude

Today we are paying gratitude to 10 candies , which I happen to love and wish I had an endless supply vending machine of in my house f, so I had them for every day of the week .

1)Black Current Jellies -With all my heart thank you for Black Current Jellies . These are directly plucked out of my childhood and I have never seen them since . I have tried every single Black Current Jelly I could find over the past few decades and have never seen this candy since. Thought it was always a British Candy as it was a British inspired store we would always get them from . They came in a tiny box , opened on the side so you could shake one out at a time and they were covered in micro candy beads. I am still on a hunt and know one day I will find them . They are not jelly tots , or rowntree or any of those jellies . Thank you Thank you Thank you

2)Satellite Wafers - With all my heart thank you for Satelite wafers. I love , love loveeeee these sour powder candies. About as far religious in my life that I will ever get is eating theswe candies, as the wafers are the same as those ones ppriests give, never and would never take one from a priest . I pray to the Candy God of Candy Bubbles  Thank you Thank you thank you The ones with the powder not the beads

3)Pixie Stix- With all my heart thank you for Pixie Stix , self explanatory , need these in your life Thank you Thank you Thank you

4) Cinnamon Hearts the hot spicy ones - With all my heart thanjk you for Cinnamon Hearts . I could and have eaten these by the bag full. But not the sweet kind , the extremely hot spicy kind Thank you  Thank you , Thank you

5) Crunchie Chocolate Bar ( sponge Toffee)- With all my heart thank you for Crunchie Bar , love the sponge toffee mostly , think I need to make some and blog about that with the recipe .

6) Sour Patch Kids - I loved these the second they came out. I would get a dollar and by 100 of them and that was alot Thank you thank you thank you

7) Black Licorice babies  With all my heart thank you for these both . Thank you thank you thank you

8) Snickers- With all my heart thank you for snickers candy bars , all kinds so delish . Thank you thank you thank you

9) Fizz- Oh yeah love these candy , though I have had them lately and feel cheated and feel sad for this generation of candy eaters as there is barely any fizz in them and they are not the candy they used to be Thank you Thank you Thank you

10)Black Balls ( with the Anise seed inside)-With all my heart thank you for these awesome hard candy . sucking them till they dwindled down and checking out each layers color till you got to the end and the anise seed was the best part. Thank you thank you thank you

So I actually really love all candy , these are the ones who popped into my head , gut instinct for purpose of my gratitude today. I have no shame in being thankful for soething I love .

I think we need a nod to the way chips used to be , you know when your fingers were caked in flavour and the chips actually tasted like their flavour and flavouring was left in the bottom of the bag you could lick your finger and dip into the bottom of the bag and have flavour dust to eat .

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