Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Myfunvelope 2nd Review Bring on Spring Edition (on going giveaways)

Can I love this upcoming craft subscription anymore!!!!!!!!!
The answer of course is YES.
Seriously yet another amazing craft kit . I can't get enough , I am addicted.
Superior quality , and so much fun.  And AFFORDABLE ;can not stress that enough . You get everything you need for the activities. Really you would not leave the craft or dollar store without having to spend so much more .

My son was ecstatic to open yet another one. We had a good hours worth of fun making everything and enjoying each activity.
Needless to say he is not patient and was upset he went to sleep with no grass growing on his Mister Grass Head.
Enjoy the mini opening below in the Youtube video and continue on to see each activity .

Again each craft activity comes with everything you need . ( minus the cup for Mr. Grass Head )
All the activities in this package : Watermelon Headband , Bug Box, Sun Necklace, Rainbow Weaving , and Stem Activities ( Mr Grass Head, snake finger puppets, learn to draw lady bugs )

Sun Necklace:
foam stickers, string, beads, googley eyes, toggles

This was so much fun for him to make . I was just awed over the fact that google eyes were peel and stick :) . He was so proud of setting the bead pattern and making the necklace. Of course mommy had to tie the knots and cut the strings. We have an Easter tree which is decorated and he proudly thought the sun should be a decoration.

Rainbow Weaving:
all the papers needed
 I love weaving and this was great fun for Zach to learn . Well okay so he did a couple lines then told me he was done and mommy had to finish it . It turned out so cute in the end . Perfect for the fridge.

Weaving is great for hand eye and pattern work.

Watermelon Headband:
foam stickers, cutsie seed and bug foam stickers, foam head band
 Zach made this all by himself , even trying to get the headband right size for his head. He was a little off but still fits pretty well. His favorite part was putting his bug on .

 Bug Box:
box , awesome foam stickers for decoration

 This was so cool , so cool . Zach freaked out . He is so excited to catch any bug he can find now . The coolest part is the magnifying plastic on the front of the box.

Loving the cool stickers it came with .

Mr. Grass Head:
face stickers, grass seeds, soil pellets ( you need to supply the plastic cup)

 The favorite for Zach was definitely this one for sure . His excitement was level OMG THIS IS AWESOME.
 The sticker faces were so funny , they were a great addition .
 Of course the grass will not grow immediately, and Zach went to bed so upset . But once it starts to sprout he will be so happy . A great learning tool for seed growth anyway , and a great way

Snake Finger Puppets :

paper puppets and scissors to cut them with

 Really great scissors, quality wise and safe for child use.
Such a great finger puppet , going to use the concept to construct some dragons and dinosaurs .

Learn to draw a lady bug.
 Considering they are bugs , I had to cute the 2 finished ones out so Zach could put into his bug box , so funny .

You have to get yourself to the website to be kept in the loop for launch you are also entered into the weekly giveaway.
Stalk the Facebook page . Don't forget to like the page , you will not want to miss out. There are on going weekly giveaways and you get to win one of the many cool kit available.

Direct link to this weeks contest on the Facebook page , ends April 2 Current Giveaway

Love , love , love these kits. I am so grateful to have been able to review 2, extremely grateful really.

Again not for 3 and under , due to small parts . Affordable at $18.00 shipped. Launching soon.

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