Friday, 5 May 2017

Aged Thoughts

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The societal thought that you must age and die; at most times with none of your dignity left is an outdated and barbaric ritual we have allowed to continue for to long.
Age ! Why? Who Says? Who made it their fundamental right to brainwash an entire existence into believing in aging? That you die at a certain age , or dying at that age makes it acceptable because you are old?
What right do any of us have to stick our loved ones away, where their souls die and their bodies breakdown because they are aging like they are "supposed" to?
Stop believing what you are being told is supposed to happen to you at certain ages. Begin to question and wonder why it continues this way. If more people stopped believing in aging and just lived their life day by day in strength of body , mind, and soul the world would be a better place. Quality of life would increase by monumental leaps and bounds.
 Aging and the aged belief system is a multi billion dollar industry , thriving on these limiting beliefs we are forced to feel and adhere to from a young age.  Take their power away. Hold a new dream , build a new life no matter what age a piece of paper says. Take your personal power to great heights. Live. Just LIVE .
Stop deciding to go with the flow , train your body to be young again. You are only as young or as old as you feel. 100 years and under is not the magick number of life. That is a limiting belief fed to your sub conscious. You see it more and more everyday people running marathons, dancing, living on their own easily with life and vitality well past a 100th birthday.
The truth is , once someone has done it, that proves it is possible ; so therefore anyone can do it .
Take your life back, it's your life.
Breath new life into your soul. Use the power of your mind to trick your body into believing it is vibrant and young. See yourself that way.
With Love ,

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