Thursday, 6 July 2017

Total Solar Eclipse Part 1 Easy to Make Viewer

I am so excited , there will be a Total Solar Eclipse event on Mon Aug 21, 2017 at 11:46 am EST .
So for many of us, getting some fancy eye wear to view the Eclipse safely  is not an option, and therefore we need a more cost effective, and of course fun way to get the kids involved ;and make from home viewer.

I will be posting about different viewers and how to make them throughout the month .
Today we will kick it off with the easiest of easy safe viewers.
NOTE: At no time are you to ever look directly at the sun especially during an Eclipse. You can seriously damage and hurt your eyes, and in some cases go blind.

With the eye health service announcement out of the way ... we can dive right in to making a safe and yet seriously simple Sun projector.

Super de Duper faster than fast Pin-Hole Projector.

Best part for this one, all you need is 2 pieces of white paper and a thumb tack or pin.

1) Take one piece piece of paper and find the centre.  Take your tack and poke a hole , make sure the hole is smooth , edges will cause a shadow and round hence shape of sun .
(leave the other piece in tact )

2) Stand with your back towards the sun , and you want to hold up your paper with the hole just over your shoulder so that the sun shines through . ( At this point I would show you it working but with an uncooperative munchkin and no one else to take a picture if I was to hold it, you need to imagine lol ) .

3) So your second piece of paper is actually the screen of sorts that the sun will project on to . So in your other hand you want to hold this sheet at a distance from you and the image of the sun will project on the paper. Dependent on how large or small you want your image you will move the paper farther or closer.  The farther away from your pinhole paper the larger the Sun image, and of course the closer the smaller.

And that is it, see , how easy is that , and such a fun science experiment as well.

The Box Projector and some info on the Sun and the Solar Eclipse for some knowledge will follow in later posts.

Have fun, take care, remember your eye health . So common sense DO NOT use the Pin-Hole and look at the sun, ALWAYS stay with your back to the sun when using a Pin-Hole Projector.

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