Thursday 3 August 2017

Drive -In Nostalgia Baby and An Awesome Giveaway

Ah the nostalgia of the Drive -In, get dressed in your PJ's , load the car up with more snacks than you can imagine, load the car up with bodies , lawn chairs ,and blankets ; and head off for the outdoor theater movie experience.

To the times when you had to roll down your window and put the speaker on your car window, make all the kids pile out until the movie started and play with all the kids on the have been since banned scary but best fun park equipment , and at the same time watch your head for baseballs flying past. ( ...seriously don't go back to the car till the first movie beginning credits roll. The unspoken but don't mess with this parent rule, and unforgiving esp. if you want that bag of Twizzlers)

To the smell of the concession stand where the best popcorn , burgers , hot dogs and fries were filling your senses making you zombie fill line to the concession and grab yourself that snack .

And to the final hilarity when it is time to go home. Cause by this time kids are asleep and sprawled all over each-other (having fought half the night for who gets the best viewing seat) . The ones asleep outside , in the cab or on the roof are picked up and shoved in where they will fit to go home . Let's be honest seat belts weren't a thing back then so if you are sleeping sprawled across the back seat or floor; there is a 99% chance that is where you stayed for the drive home . Come home and drag yourself inside with popcorn and gum and candy in your hair and anywhere it managed to make it's way back in .

So over the years a lot of these outdoor cinemas gave way to abandonment and people started watching inside in style more than at the Drive-In , and then of course came stores like Video Stores ( gasp) and you could watch in the comfort of your own home. But some stayed , and stayed they did.. sure you no longer get to put the big martian looking speaker on your window and pray that it doesn't shatter your glass  , it is all radio waves now, but the tech age children can still have the Drive -In experience.

You may be thinking where can you get such an experience and to that I say through Premier Theaters Mustang Drive-In in London Ontario. ( hint hint  insert website HERE ) . Of course the other locations HERE ( hint and SPOILER ALERT you can use the price at any one of the Premier Theaters)
(photo from Website, all rights belong to Premier theaters)

CASH ONLY so make sure you have some $$ on hand , cause who ever carries cash anymore so the reminder ..of course

I have been graciously given a sweet night out prize pack that I get to giveaway to one of you awesome peps reading this . You can relive some Nostalgia of your own and /or create new family memories .

Here is what you win
 Entry for 2 Adults and one under 12 child to ANY Premier Theater.

$15.00 dollars to spend at the concession , oh and that is for all the other goodies cause you get free medium popcorn .  ( all cards have a Dec 31 2017 expiry)
Say what !!!!
To see what you can get from the Concession the ,menu page is HERE

 So how do you win, it is so easy .
You must leave a comment on this blog post with a memory of the Drive-In  or if you have never been leave a sentence or two with a favorite childhood memory .

Please take a gander over to the Mustang London's Facebook Page HERE, shoot em off a like so you can stay up to date on all the coolness and what is playing. ( EXTRA ENTRY leave a separate comment with your Facebook name)

For another extra entry hit up my Blogs Facebook page and give it a like and comment down below. Go HERE

I am responsible for this Giveaway and I will personally be mailing you your tickets. If you decide on the extra entries Facebook is in no way a part of or responsible for this giveaway .

Full disclosure , the Prize pack was sponsored ( so no charge to me ) through the awesome , keeping your childhood Drive-In dreams alive at Premier Theaters.

Contest Runs till Aug 14 2017 end of day  and mailed out as soon as I get the winners deets.
To draw I will put everyone's name (up to 3 times for completed and I will check extra entries,) into Randomizer ( will screen shot it )

Please make sure you can utilize the tickets before you enter , locations in London , Oakville, Hamilton, Barrie, New Market and Yellowknife


  1. When my husband and i got married we decided that summer to go the drive in. Something we hadn't done since we were kids. Imagine how surprised we were when we got there and realized there weren't speakers to sit in your windows and you needed to use your radio. We had drove his old truck, which sadly lacked a radio! We found a bunch of mini vans with their hatches open and radios cranked and 'stole' their sound.

    1. I was caught off guard to the first time back and seeing empty poles . It took awhile before I figured it out and found the radio station. Yes the ole open hatch-back of the mini vans , been there .

  2. I remember a Sunset drive-in in Cambridge long ago.

    1. Yes where the Toyota dealership and Valens Car Wash are today .

  3. Wow, it's been so long since I was at a drive-in movie. It was to see Forrest Gump way back in 1994. But we went occasionally as kids to the drive-in theatre in Pembroke Ontario. I miss those days.

    1. Yes I love the Drive-In , so long ago when you went. Great Movie to see under the stars though.

  4. We love the drive in although we haven't been there in ages. Last time I was there I think I saw Spider-Man 1

    1. You def do need a night out at one again, if that was the last time you went .

  5. We haven't been to the drive-in since we had a newborn (6 years ago). My husband's work schedule didn't allow for it. HOWEVER, we recently moved close to the Mustang in London. We would love to take our kids to the drive-in.

  6. Just checked out their Facebook page, I would love to go and see the Emoji movie~ (my Facebook name is Emily Filhart)

  7. I haven't been to the drive in in 5 years. We saw something scary. We turned our sons cars eat around so that he would slerp- yeah right.

  8. Video with winner