Tuesday 29 August 2017

How to make a paper tray box

 I love these little tray boxes. You can manipulate the size of your construction paper to make any size box you wish. This box is a no lid, ( in the picture I made a paper cover to act as the lid for the little red one, I made a sort of book out of it)

You need just 3 things( well 4 , you may need a ruler to start , I eye ball and use my own foulproof system to measure without a ruler) .
Any colour piece of construction paper.

You want to make sure your paper is on the horizontal to start , the cuts need to be made on the horizontal.

And then you make 4 small cuts

in each corner go down 2 inches and then cut into horizontal 3 inches, do that in each corner and you will have 4 flaps
(Ignore all the folds you do not need them , just part of my need no ruler method and not part of the box, I had to)

I do at this time fold the flaps on the horizontal to make the box for easier , just more for a guideline when you go to fold the flaps in
I fold both sides up picture is just a visual .

Now fold your box .

Fold each flap into the side piece, glue them in place for support .

 Do this for all four pieces.

You are left with flaps, just fold them over first so you have the crease , then glue along this piece as well and fold over to finish your paper box tray.

And.. voila simple and easy to make . You can manipulate the sizing , to make many different sizes , as you can see from my top photo. Just remember to cut along the horizontal .

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