Monday, 18 September 2017

Make EXTRA money the Holidays are coming

I am just sharing sites that I use to make free money . I get it , people say it isn't free money since you put in some time.  But really I don't put in that much time and when you let videos run for instance all day and do other things , yes to me that is free money .
And really it is up to you how much you make and the time you put in , Surveys are high payers I just choose not to do surveys. I never pay for anything on the sites , I wont complete an offer I have to pay for to get points kind of defeats the purpose.
Every one of these places are verified as in I have been using them for years and received every payout I submitted with no issues .

I am only going to just touch on each one, I can help with any questions about earning if you sign up and need some help navigating to get started.

All links are my referral links and please use them , it takes nothing away from you and helps me with either one time bonus points or a small percentage on your point accumulation. Separate and does not take any points from you .  If someone provides me with something I always use their referral as a kind gesture.  So enough on that .

Though not a site ,  SBK allows you to send in junk mail in exchange for a Visa . The Visa can either be mailed to you or used virtually. It changes each month for me , sometimes I use the virtual for online shopping or topping up my Tims App or I have it sent to use from anything from Gas to Dollarama ( yes now they accept it ) They will ask for referral Carey Hurst is my name for there , I will receive a one time bonus of 500 points. I do not even utilize half of what I can make here with all the emails I could sent and I make a 20 Visa every month . They do have a 6 month expiry .  Pay out is ever 2000 points is $20.00 and easily made. Your points are accumulated monthly and once they pull points they will message you if you won a Gift Card , and then a couple days later the Visa company will send your code .

Swagbucks is a site I love and have been using a long time . You can make a lot of different gift cards whatever you choose , I always go for the Paypal on every site so I can pay bills with it . My cell and internet bills are never out of pocket paid, always paid for free from my sites.  They have an awesome Refer and earn on right now .   Each 100 points represents $1.00 . I let watch videos run all day as well as Engage me TV you can easily rack up 1.00 a day doing nothing. I do searches, you win points searching 4 times a day. You can make 10 SB points playing the free games, and you can make 10 SB from watching videos on mobile. There is no ceiling on how much you make, depends on all the time you put in to it.  As a referral I make 10% of your overall so for every $5.00 you make I make.50 cents.  PayPal payout used to be in USD and they switched to CAD awhile ago , it was a hit since the 25 you made was over 30 but still free money and the exchange was just a bonus.

(they do not have a promotional banner to share a better pic ) 

Gifthulk For this site each 1000 points is $1.00. I will do Peanut Lab surveys on this site , esp if I win a bonus boost in points. I find you earn more on here for surveys. 1000 points seems like a lot but is honestly not . You get 4 points each hour just by searching . I believe minimum payout for any of the various Gift Cards is $5.00 , best part is you are paid in USD funds for Paypal . . The only issue for this site is you can not sign up through Facebook, someone spammed them and they have had problems ever since.  They usually do your payouts for the week Thursday night or Friday morning and sometimes Sundays.  Referral gives 100 HC on sign up and after they make 1000 HC you get 500 HC , so one time referral points. 

Instagc I love this site, when they say instant they mean instant.  Your first one will take a bit but and any payments over $25.00  per 24 hours are not instant but within a day or 2. You have to cash out $50.00 in other Gift cards before you are allowed to have the Paypal option . This is another site I do nothing but watch videos on, well no I don't watch them I let them run in new tabs.  You are charged per pay out for Paypal , you get one free a month then it is 20 points after that . It is also USD funds so exchange rate :) Each 100 points is $1.00 Wow just saw there are are new ways to redeem including virtual Visas .

You can make as much as you want , it is up to you really . I know I can make a lot more and have decided to devote more time to do so while still not compromising my day. 

Also if I am missing other great places, ( more than survey sites)  leave your links below as well and I will check them out. I do have Toluna, Web perspectives they are not worth it for me . Prize Rebel and prize Zombie I am signed up but find they do not pay out , nor are worth my time trying to make the points, these 3 sites and the junk mail are perfect ones for me. 

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