Sunday, 22 October 2017

Magickal Halloween Food

My take on the Magickal reindeer food.

I used glitters galore, rolled oats, sequins, some cheerios, and oat bran hearts. The woodland animals will love the edible bits. . I went cutsie wutsie for mine, but you can get the cooler scarier Halloween shaped sequins as well to add a different vibe .
Hard to catch all the glitter here is another angle

The saying I created was 

Magickal Halloween Food
To bring you luck on this All Hallows Eve,
candy and treats and Magick Galore
Sprinkle your Witch Grits,
                       Ghoul Groul
and                 Ghost Toast
Outside your Door!
Happy Halloween .

You can come up with whatever saying you wish. I love the names I came up with for the "food"

It shouldn't have to be said , but not edible for children , unless you make the full edible version which I am working on , and also a choking hazard. Make sure you clearly label. Safety first.

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