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MOSO Natural Air Purifying Bag

UPDATE OCT 15 2017 : a few more weeks in and I have to say I  am disappointed in the ring to hang the bag, it is already ripping and fraying around the hook and a lot of time spent not hanging but on the floor , so in that regard not as stable as I originally saw and felt and I will end of having to fix, which does not negate the product but does negate it's efficiency to hang as we are not even a month in and bag supposed to last for 2 years.  

On the whole we are a healthy family. I firmly believe that our bodies are meant to be in a state of health and wellness daily , as opposed to being unwell.  It is therefore a rarity to be sick in our home, so colds and flu are not common place.
We rely on natural products first and foremost, and rarely will we reach for anything big Pharma or over the counter.

The problem now seems to be an allergen intolerance. Our place is unfortunately not kempt well by the landlord and many home toxins have come about within the last couple months. The allergens have resulted in itchy scratchy eyes and throats, and lots of sneezing. Thankfully not interfering with our day to day life , but a nuisance and something we would like to get ahead of . Not being able to do much about the outside influences, I need to do what I can to at least keep the home toxin free with what I have to work with , since at this time the only option.

So enter the MOSO bag. I searched online for Natural products to purify the air , apart of course form the onion halves I have throughout the home ( will post about that for those interested) . The first thing to pop up in my Google search was MOSO a bag of Bamboo Charcoal.  I was so intrigued that after reading all about this product I had never heard of before; I right away reached out to the company ( THEIR FIRST CANADIAN REVIEWER RIGHT HERE WOOT WOOT) .

And how can you go wrong with an all natural product, one that you can even return to the can't!
Graciously I was sent the size of my choice to try it out and review for them. I chose the 500g bag as the area of testing was quite large.  I can honestly say I need one for every room , the car etc. I believe in these that much. I used them for a week and a bit and yes there was a difference in the home . Almost immediately actually when I hit the worst area first.

There are 4 sizes
500g covers 250 sq ft
200g covers 90 sq ft.
75g perfect size for the fridge
50g ( comes as a pack of 2) perfect for shoes, bags , etc. With all the sports coming up and people who work out , perfect for your gym bag .

 Front of the packaging.
 Front view of your bag . I love how the label has a place to date when you opened your bag , as with proper care can last up to 2 years. Two years is amazing and the price which is already reasonable makes it even better on top of the Green and beneficial to the Environment they are.
 The bag itself is a linen exterior.
Back of the packaging. What I love is that every bit of information you need is printed right on the bag. A recyclable bag as well mind you . So you have no extra leaflets or the like. Everything you need to know is written right on the package.

I am going to list all about the product  from the info I was sent. It is worth the read and finding out about the product. In some cases I will be citing close to word for word when it is due and have used quotations to denote this.

Without needing batteries or wires, the MOSO bag works continuously to remove odors, allergens, and harmful pollutants from the air. In damp musty environments the MOSO bag will absorb excess  moisture to prevent mold, mildew and bacteria from forming.
"The MOSO bag is a safe alternative to air fresheners that are filled with formaldehyde, petroleum, and fragrance which can also and in fact does increase the toxins in your home. The MOSO bag is filled with non-toxic, chemical and fragrance free MOSO bamboo charcoal."

BAMBOO CHARCOAL:  "MOSO Bamboo has millions of tiny pores and cavities that work like a sponge to remove impurities from the air. When air passes through the pores, odor, moisture and air pollutant particles become trapped, leaving your air fresh, dry and odor free. MOSO bamboo charcoal has been scientifically proven to reduce harmful gasses including formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, and chloroform emitted from such items as new paint, carpeting, and furniture. "

DIRECTIONS TO USE:  Simply hang or place the MOSO bag in the area you would like to purify. They are safe to place on any surface and I have done so myself, using the bag in different test areas around the house.
Your bag can last up to 2 years, you just have to take care of it .
Not only that after the 2 years you can recycle the bamboo right into your garden or earth if you do not have a garden.

I have mine out in the sun today getting rejuvenated ( October 1 ) . I could just tell it was time . You are instructed to do that once a month anyway . Place the bag outside for an hour and let the rays from the sun clean out all the impurities that the charcoal has absorbed.

I can absolutely attest and promote on the fact that it absorbs the excess moisture in the air causing the mold problem. The musty smell is gone from both areas in the home where I hung the MOSO bag. My sons room the major area , has lost the slight musty smell I have tried so hard to get rid of. The baking soda and tea tree oil sprinkled in the areas worked on the carpet but the smell lingered. Though dependent on how the carpet test goes , I have a mind to try sprinkling crushed bamboo charcoal right on the entire carpet areas and allow that to sit for the hour and then vacuum out. I can only assume how much better it will be in terms of cleansing the carpet. I do think my carpet would have benefited by actually putting the bag directly on the areas of interest , but I wanted to make sure I utilized the bag all over the home.

You do not need to rejuvenate the bag before first use. I took it right out of the bag it and hung it right in my sons room . The easiest place to be most effective was to hang it off his trampoline in the middle of the room. I felt this would give me the best results for overall room quality.  The Bag does come with a very well reinforced hole for hanging, though does not come with a tie or anything., I just used some strong ribbon I had, but you can use rope, string, works well off of metal coat hanger.

(Side note to the pictures of used in the home pictures, they are real and not staged. My kids room is messy kid mess, it always is, its his room and I am not going to move whatever is hanging in the closet area , just keeping it mom real )
I did notice within about 30 minutes that the bag did expand , meaning all the moisture within the 250 sq ft it covered was taken in to the charcoal.  His Cars  car bed actually lets off a plastic smell as well from the heat from the sun through the window and the bag took that away as well.  I moved the bag around the room to other areas where problems were instead of just a general area , I wanted to test specific areas and make it mobile so I could test out other areas of the home.
 As you can see the bicycle handle became the perfect hanger . Made the bag mobile and I could move it all around the apartment.
I hung it in the front door alcove . This is also an area of concern and I noticed a marked difference through the night.

Most of the allergen issues would attack us while we slept and so we would wake up in allergy zone. I used the MOSO bag by my little guys bed , he woke up completely fine the next morning, not a sneeze . I had to try for myself and I noticed not itchy scratchy throat or eyes when I woke up the next morning either. I will be getting us each our own personal bag just for that reason.
I highly recommend any one who suffers from allergens to give these a try just for that reason. Get yourself the personal size to have as a mini sleep pillow and the bigger one for the rest of your room.

Another great area it worked well in was around the garbage can , especially with the heat wave we had last week, kept the yucks and smelly fumes away.

I do think my carpet would have benefited by actually putting the bag directly on the areas of interest , but I wanted to make sure I utilized the bag all over the home.

It is hard to prove how something like this works by just writing about it , though that is all I have. I really believe in this product and from my personal experience I can truthfully say it works.  Anyone who is interested in Natural living and would like to lessen the toxins in your home and even your car, I highly recommend getting some. If waking up sneezing with itchy watery eyes and a scratchy throat is a bane on your existence I implore you to try one of these bags and see the marked difference the next morning .  I wish I had these when I was younger. Then my allergies were unbearable.

Head over to the Website HERE and check out the product for yourself.
I am providing a direct link to the FAQ's as there is some really great info there :

Here are some links to Canadian retailers that sell this product ( the MOSO Website is in USD)

From Bed , Bath and Beyond
 500 g bag
set of 2 50g
200 g

Canadian Tire
200 g

all different sizes

DISCLOSURE:  I received a 500g Bag to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% my own and open and honest.

I was so grateful to get to try this product and find one more amazing all natural product to use in my home. I keep it as non toxic I can control as I can and this is one more product to add to your must have list.

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