Saturday 11 November 2017

Nancy's Fudge Reveiw

When it comes to anything candy, sweet, chocolate; I am thee Candy-chocoholic. I have had Nancy's Fudge a few times before, and I had to contact them about partnering for a Blog post.

Anyone who truly knows me, knows how much I find Magick in candy of all sorts. Chocolates, Goodies, desserts , anything load packed with that sugary sweetness I jump at it. I have since I was little .  It brings me joy.
Fudge to me is a decadent sweet and tops my I have to try it all list. Being blessed with a treat care package from Nancy's Fudge ( Website Here ) excited me . I had no idea what samples I was going to get to try and then pass on to you in the form of a review.
The excitement was leaps and bounds as we picked up our package at the mail box ( Full Disclosure: products were shipped free of charge to me in exchange for an honest, all opinions are my own review) . Could hardly wait to rip it open. Telling a 5 year old they have to wait till pictures are taken as we are reviewing for the Blog was fun, esp when it was candy on the other end of the tape closed box.
We were gifted with so much more than I thought I was ecstatic . My son was over the moon as well. It was not at all easy to get this perfectly cute picture but as you can see he took ownership of the Salt Water taffy and said he could have as many as he wanted just as long as mommy got the pictures she needed.
To be fair we have had the treats 2 weeks and a bit, so we spaced out the testing over that time since Halloween is in the mix as well as there was lots of candy to try .

Getting to the fudge after, I want to discuss the Salt water Taffy and the Old fashioned candies first then hit up the Fudge review. I reviewed the fudge all on my own and yes I ate every single kind .

Salt Water taffy

We were sent a bag of Berries and Creme.  Zach gives them a thumbs up and they taste like A Mermaid ..  No clue what he means but says they were good. Ad I guess with the hint of salt and the colours he deduced his answer that way.  I managed to taste a couple and already loving Salt water taffy I was so glad they tasted like I remembered as a child when I would spend hours snacking on them with my Nana. So hard to describe the taste, but the texture they melted away perfectly after the first chew.
To check out and order from their website salt-water-taffy HERE

Old Fashioned Hard Candies 

I love hard candies always have. Normally with Old fashioned I get the humbug or the black licorice ones. Claeys Hard candy I have had a few times before only a certain few flavours. We were sent the assorted fruits. They were perfectly sour with a sweet edge . I was the taste tester only for these ones. Zach was content with the Taffy.
While they tasted delish and they did, I am leary to purchase myself again knowing that they use GM Engineering. I know they are in almost everything but when consciously know they are used at least you can decide for yourself. .
You can purchase them HERE

NANCY'S FUDGE ............

The reason for the Candy season...
We were sent a variety 12 pack  which can be purchased Fudge HERE

We were given an assortment of flavours. I did share some . But I honestly ate and tested each cup myself. Since I couldn't just have a bite I ate each entire cup . It took me a bit to get through them all inserting Halloween in there to so SUGARRRRRR RUSHH.
I have to say there was one flavour I could not eat and only picked the pecans out of and that was the white fudge with pecans, I did not like that one at all. Beyond that I was in heaven . Such good homemade fudge , just like Grandma used to make. I loved the Peanut Butter and Chocolate. That Chocolate Raspberry amazing as well, that one felt posh to eat and so majestic. I really want to look into getting the Artisan pack as they look amazing as well. So we have them on our must buy lists.
The texture of the fudge was perfectly creamy. I tried but chilled and at room temp fudge. I love a harder fudge so I loved the chilled ones the most only as in how to eat not taste wise. There was no difference in taste from the chilled to the room temp ones. I was impressed at how much the fudge was a perfect consistency, taste. You could easily discern each flavour profile in each piece of fudge. The tastes meld together in a perfectly.

Full disclosure: All the goodies you see featured were shipped free of charge for us to review . 100% my own opinions and honest .  

 All about Nancy's ::
They opened in 1986 and in 1993 they specialized in the quality fudge and candy market.

So grateful and thankful to have been able to review for Nancy's and for all the goodies they sent our way.

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