Wednesday, 15 November 2017

PIKMI POPS Unboxing and Review

I have to SQUEEEEE , these toys.. So cute so cool , an awesome toy to unbox ....BUT THEY ARE SCENTED .

PIKMI POPS You can get the Single Packs (small)( which we were sent 4 of) , there are surprise packs ( medium), and then Jumbo (large) ( which we were sent one) .
They are a surprised filled lollipop that come with an adorable scented toy ( this decades Strawberry Shortcake Dolls.

The Jumbo or Large lolli has 3 Large toys to collect. You get 1 jumbo scented plushie, a large lolli vessel, 1 surprise message that has the name of your plush and the scent, 1 lolli stand, and as a surprise to us there is a hiding pocket in your plush that contains either, 1, 2, or 3 charm surprises. ( Spolier Alert - WE GOT 3 Surprises, yeah !!
There are over 45 mini guys to collect. In the small lolli you get a mini scented plushie, 1 small lolli vessel and base , 1 surprise message , 1 dangler string , 1 small base, oh and of course in all of the lollis in any size surprise you get a collectors guide.  Some of the lollis hold more than one surprise .

The scents you can get are:
Fruit Paradise
Mint Choco Chip
What I love about the small lolli lids is that they are slit and offer a smell hole of sorts for when you store your toy you can smell them all the time .

Check out Zach's unbox video here, I sort of messed and did not record the whole thing but he did awesome with the first one just the same.

We always have to keep the Collector guide and try and complete the set. I love these guides , it is really neat to see what is all offered. I think the real fun is getting that Rare and Ultra Rare toy , we were lucky enough to get an Ultra Rare Fluffy Pingle 1-019 Pingle our Hedgehog. Our fave aninmal.

Ahhhhhh we got a Hedgehog. He smells like caramel and he is an Ultra rare and his name is Pingle. We now have a Hedgie pet.

This is Bubbles the fish she is a common and she smells like bubblegum.

This is tickles the Octopus , she is a common and the first one and she smells like raspberries.

 This is Hobnob, he is a Hamster and he is Rare. Hobnob smells like banana.

Our jumbo lolli had Tweezle the cat she smells like Fruit Paradise .

Searching the surprise pocket , so excited we got max surprise and there were 3 surprise bagged charms inside.

These toys are a must have for the collector on your list who is part of the unbox / surprise bag craze which most kids are thank you Youtube. I love the quality of the toys as a parent and the fact they they are scented is so a nod to 80's toys and that scent craze back then , it just ups the level on these toys.
Make sure you stalk PIKMI POPS
and head direct to their website here

I know you can get them at Chapters/Indigo.

Disclosure: I received all these toys from PIKMI Pops free of charge to facilitate this review. I reached out to them. That being said this review is 100% honest and mine and Zachary's own .

Zachary decided to take some pictures himself and he is so proud of them so after the review I told him we would add them to the blog


  1. So much fun! Good job Zachary, can't wait to see more of your videos!