Sunday, 19 November 2017

Pop Card Express Review - 3DPop Up Greeting Card

You know when you come across something that even in pictures you already know they don't do said item justice!?! That is certainly , most definitely  the case with the Pop Card Express 3D cards.
I was astonished at the cards just seeing them on line and knew they were something spectacular before I got my hands on a card.

Full disclosure: I loved the cards so much that I reached out and was given my choice of card free of charge.All opinions are my own and completely honest. Thank you for sending such a beautiful card for me to review. 

I am still in awe as we opened the card . The card came in an exterior plastic bag with both the card and subsequent envelope

Even the outside of the card was so stunning to me before we even opened the package . I had Zach do the honors of opening the card . The Magick he beamed was priceless as the card sprang to life once opened. You see this amazing paper art come to life with such detail and wonderment you are left speechless. It was a mini Viking ship springing to life on the sea of paper it was on.  The detail on how it criss crosses as paper through this amazing 3D Artisan Art to make the ship, shocked.  The insanity with the outside of the card is that it actually looks but feels like wood as though made from the ship itself.

I am taking this quote directly from their FAQ section as this explains how and why these cards are so amazingly made

"How are your cards made?
Our cards are delicatedly designed by professional designers based on the concept of Kirigami art-originated from Japan, cut with advanced laser-cut technology, then hand-made in Asia by teams of wonderful staff. "

Here are some close up and different angles of this stunning Artisan art piece that doubles as a card . What an amazing gift to give someone, The card in itself is a gift alone.

Please take the time to check out their website and Facebook page . I know there must be someone on your list who deserves and would appreciate such Artisan beauty . an E store click and receive some Magick

There are so many cards to look through ( over 100) and admire even. Right now they only ship to Canada  (sorry international) but if you have family in Canada drop the hint they can order and then send to you.
The costs of the cards is a range less than 10.00. But worth the price as the card as I have said is the gift itself . Loving any card I give would be left blank and write the note separately to keep it as an Artistic piece .  Shipping is a small extra charge to and if you buy 3 you get free shipping .

The concept for the cards was discovered by a full time mom from Edmonton Alberta who came across the concept of the pop up card while in Asia. Yeah to moms and their creativity and ideas and where they go.

Mine of course will be displayed as Art !!!

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