Friday 24 November 2017

The Yellow Toucan Personalized Child Map Review

Give the gift of the World to your child ( or even yourself) with a personalized map from The Yellow Toucan .

I am beyond impressed with the way the map turned out , not to mention the thrill in Zach's eyes when he saw himself in the map.

The map came safe packed in a tube with thicker cellophane wrapped around it . As well they did not tape on your actual map to keep it closed, there was a cardboard wrap to keep your beautiful personalized World map intact.

We will take Zach's bird eye view of his map then I will explain in more detail.

 (Soar above Asia as Indiana Jones in a Hot Air Balloon)

(Ahoy Matey through the Southern Ocean in a Pirate Ship)
 ( Fly heights across the Pacific Ocean in your Gyro Prop Plane)

What caught his eye first and what sparked shocked excitement was seeing his face on the map . I showed him all 3 spots he was featured in .  It was such an endearing sweet moment to share. The fact that the map has a picture representing all the World is so amazing . The best part was telling him he could go to any place in the World he wanted . The map helped spark an opening to the World and the differences.

 The map is personalized with your littles name at the top as well. The title The Beautiful World Of  ( insert child name) really is beautiful. The details alone , coupled with portraits of your child in a plane, Pirate ship and Hot Air Balloon, set the stage for a beautiful world. You can build on grabbing at life and making it beautiful by just exploring the map.

I love that this is also a teaching tool esp for those who choose to Home School. You can learn through play and plant seeds within your child's heart . What better way to introduce them to the world then a personalized map with them inserted in it. Visualization tool as well.
(the full map  , not matter what I tried I could not do justice to a picture full sizeof the entire AMAZING map)

Some specs: The map is made from quality profession Epson picture paper. You are asked to send 3 high resolution pictures to be put in the slots. Though if you do not send 3 they will put in drawn pictures for you. To add to this  I also had 2 of my pictures at a low resolution and okay ed the map anyway , as even with the low res, it turned out beautifully.
I am beyond impressed really .
The border is made of Passport Stamps a great touch to accent the map.
The map brings The World to life . I love how it is through a child's eyes as well, as the World is expressed through photos.
Such a stunning visual  keepsake art piece for any room.
The only thing I would improve on for myself , since the lighting in our home and wall placement lack ;would be just to bold the title of map.
You can read all about how to order your map through their website
Make sure to stalk them on Facebook Instagram

Please take the time to read Melanie's story on how she started this amazing map .

Full disclosure : I received a map to facilitate this review shipped free of charge in exchange for this 100% open and honest review.  


If you need a unique meaning full gift , even as a family one , I highly suggest The Yellow Toucan Personalized World Map. A gift that keeps giving for years to come. How cool would it be some 20 years later this map still up and push pins showing every where this Beautiful World took them .

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