Sunday, 17 December 2017

Simple Candle Magick Colours & Their association

A candle can be a very Magickal tool.
Here is a list of colours that you can associate with your Magickal workings.

Simple list for the beginner.

White- protection, peace, purity, truth
Blue- healing , meditation, tranquility
Green- healing, money , prosperity, luck, fertility
Brown- Physical objects, healing for animals, houses, and homes
Pink- emotional spells, love , freindship
Red- sexual, love, passion, energy, enthusiasm, courage
Yellow-  clairvoyance, divination, study, learning the mind
Purple- power, healing for deadly diseases
Orange-  strength, authority , attraction, luck
Black- absorption of negativity, sending out things

The colour of your candle corresponds with the intention you place on it. Each colour may have many uses, you just choose which the energy flows through.

COMMON SENSE: USE FIRE SAFETY   You and you alone are responsible/liable for any candle use.

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