Thursday, 11 January 2018

Day 11 ... 365 Days of Magickal Artisan Pop Up - Blogger Style

Home protection necklace (not made to wear)
Real Juniper berries and hand cut reeds as beads. 
2 available (white normal beads or brown normal beads choice )
$15.00 shipped Canada only 
Pay Pal or ETransfer  contact through Facebook Message
Click HERE

Protection against theft be it material or life experiences and happiness.
Hung in a doorway it protects from evil forces, people who need to back off, sickness, and ghosts ( in terms of anyone trying to use the spiritual side to cause harm) . 
Also used for manifesting , purification to your home and to bring about blessings

DO NOT CONSUME , Keep out of reach o children and choking hazard. Liability and responsibility falls on purchaser and purchaser alone

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