Monday, 8 January 2018

Day 8 ... 365 Days of Magickal Artisan Pop Up - Blogger Style

Witch s Salt 

This particular salt is used for an array of things. 

Helps to add power to spells you are casting that require a boost, also offers protection to the user, can also be used against someone if they are causing strife in your life.

 I have made this blend to be able to be used in substitute of other blends you made need.
 This is a non burn blend as it is salt .  DO NOT CONSUME EVER 

Liability and responsibility lies on purchaser ONLY ..
Can be carried on person , in wallet , purse etc. 

Can be used anyway salt is used for Magickal workings.

$3.50 Each Shipped  or 4 for $11.00 shipped , and part of Mix and Match Match 
Canada Only 
Contact to purchase Facebook Link

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