Monday, 29 January 2018

DIY : Lip Scrub: Fancy Smancy Expensive Spa lips for pennies !!

 With this Arctic freeze we seem to be in , your lips sure do take an extra hit.  To reintroduce some moisture into your lips as well as taking away some dead skin to leave an overall lush lip , try out this Brown Sugar Lip scrub.  I make single use for this as I would rather make just what I need each time in order to minimize waste as well as this takes seconds to whip together, just as long as opening a jar. Also cross contamination can occur as well and esp. if something you are putting on your lips.

You can tailor the recipe to make a bit to keep around in a clean jar. It is a 2:1 ratio in favour of the Brown Sugar . Though it would only last about 2-3 weeks when/ if  stored properly.( cool dark cupboard) . I rather just make what I need when I need it . Less than a dime size drop is all you need .
The added bonus is that it doubles as a facial scrub to.
I make the amount I need , scrub my lips then use up the rest on my face. I leave it all on both lips and face for 3 minutes then I rinse it off with lovely warm water.
On the plus side it is 100% edible , so no matter if you ingest some.

Not so good for the eyes though.

Side note if even helps sluff away those very fine around your lips hairs if they are an issue for you .

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