Monday, 1 January 2018

DIY Series Intro

You are fed to believe you need to spend hundreds, making large CEO's rich to look Fab , feel good about yourself and the like. That is simply not true. There are so many things in your own kitchen pantry or affordable to buy ( by the way : you get many uses out of a pantry products, from cosmetic to nourishment etc. ) that to make it yourself for yourself is a great solution. Also you know EXACTLY what is going into a product you are using.  Also a lot of these DIY I will be sharing this year , take minutes to make and are therefore perfect for those who are over time conscious. Though you should take the time to pamper yourself . Something I need to be self aware of as well. 

So please try some of them out, let me know your thoughts etc. If you want a particular product made I will do my best to post about it. I put my own spin on these DIYs and make them as simple , yet still effective as possible. Sometimes even DIYs  have to many items to mix together , simplicity is best. 

Come along for the DIY journey , keep some pennies and spend it on adventures and hopefully have a little fun at the same time; feel pride in your mastery .
There will many different things in this series over the year, not just cosmetic . 

If you choose to make any of them I post ; all responsibility and liability falls on you and you alone. It is your choice, you need to be self aware of anything you may interact with that may cause allergies or sensitivities. In most cases you can switch one ingredient for another if that happens . I am just providing a recipe , you make your own choices.

Everything I make I provide no claims , just a different perspective and another way of doing things.
Consequently if you have your own DIY recipe and would like to be featured, it is $2.00 per post payable through PayPal or ETransfer   message me through Facebook and we can get it all set up
Posts are NEVER REMOVED , I keep every post I make published always.  . 

As well if you make anything and wish to send in exchange for a full review post with all deets you require as well, just leave a comment 
We will be starting things off with a simple Lip Sugar scrub . As a hint it is 2 ingredients. 

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