Monday, 1 January 2018

Intro : 365 Days of Handmade Artisan Crafts/ Gifts / Wares / Services


As a single mother and a home based Artisan , I felt like this year it would be wonderful to everyday showcase something handmade and try to help promote and bring others to an array of amazing , unique Artisan Wares of all types .

Each day one item will be showcased and all info about the product will be listed as well as price , where it ships, and how to go about purchasing etc. I am also looking for other Artisans as well. If you would like a product featured for a day with all the details as well as anything else you want mentioned, $2.00 per each item/ day . Payable through PayPal or ETransfer .  You can email me or contact me through Facebook to get it all set up .   The posts are NEVER REMOVED . I keep every post I make published always.

As well if you would like to exchange a product / service you create for a featured full blog review post that is an option as well. Free to you just a free shipped product exchanged .

I love this idea and am so glad I thought of it this year . To many times the Magickal gifts of many are passed over and this is a way to bring One Of A Kind Artisan wares to the masses.

Thank you , and I hope you find something Unique you just "have to have" , and support an individual not a corporation  at the same time . 

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