Friday, 19 January 2018


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Why I did not do this earlier is beyond me ( by now we would have an insane amt of Legoish Blox); and sadly yes the cardboard was hitting the recycle bin.  If I did not need it for an immediate project , I would take the plastic off for plastic bag recycling and put the cardboard in it's bin. Keeping stuff around causes clutter and I do not vibe with clutter in anyway .

But thankfully today I got a brain storm and we are now going to create some really cool blox with not just the empty kleenex box but other small snack boxes as well. Everyone has those Bear Paw,  Gushers, Fruit Roll Up etc boxes if you have littles like I do who no matter how much you do not want to buy that stuff you do , even if just to get some peace and quiet .

Simple and easy , we took the empty kleenex box , stuffed the box with scraps of paper we had ( those shredded bits)  covered the box with black construction paper ( white school glue worked perfect) , though can use any colour ;of course as we will be making multi coloured ones as well.  We taped the sides and corners for the illusion of grout for the blox. ( and to keep the paper down few little bits off cut just a little ) 

You can buy those Cardboard building bricks , but why !!! Reduce your Recycling by using what you have in your home for pennies each. ( construction paper , glue , tape)  We fill ours with little bits of paper for stability purposes. In no time Zach will have a ton of homemade Legoish Blox and can build tall forts and play houses he will actually fit in . ( mommy will to considering her vertically challenged fun height)

                                                    Zachs photo

I am not into things looking perfect . Little hands help and perfectly okay with me .

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