Monday, 26 February 2018

Day 57 ...365 Days of Magickal Artisan Pop Up : Blogger Style

I am a Level 1 Personality Dimensions Trainer Certified, 
I have used that and added in my own intuition , ideas; to 
create a way to enrich your daily life. 
I can manipulate and mould what is needed
for you and help you through it . 
Make a change, enhance your life, enrich 
your relationships etc. 
What do you need in your life, 
is your life lacking .?
Let me be your GURU for a month 
( or as many months as needed) cost is per month .
(As their is always that one person , the disclaimer, 
I provide you with tools , be they ways of thinking , 
new ways or perspectives etc. I do not guarantee
results as the only true person who can help you is 
YOU. I just offer the tools , if you use them or not , not 
my responsibility or liability. I hold no liability 
or responsibility in your journey, entertainment only .) 


Message or comment for details on ordering .

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