Thursday, 22 March 2018

Day 81...365 Days of Magickal Artisan Pop Up : Blogger Style

My Original thought and creation that re-started
my Witchly Journey
Nothing like this was online anywhere
I searched extensively and made the
creation and saved a draft to have a timestamp.
I posted online and now it has since been created
after my posting but None are ever the same
Magick is different for each creator so no two are ever the same.
Plus nothing of mine can never truly be re-created
it is truly impossible . The Magick weaved , the spells infused
are no where written . Plus there is only one Magickal ME
Plus each box certain items will always be different.

Months Witch Doll ,(geared to Season and Moon phases etc)
Colour of the Month Amulet (clay made and infused with a spell)
2 candles
Spell of the Month
Personal Spell of the Month (personalised)
Bracelet of the month
Special of the month
$40.00 each box 
go for yearly plan and receive one a month 

Contents are secret till given to purchaser
as in no pictures of items to save 
the creative property.My original creation/ creative property
all things hand made 
Deal on more than one

CAN Only shipped for now 
Pick up is always an option 
Message or comment for details and I will get back to you . .

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