Thursday, 26 April 2018

Day 116 ...365 Days of Magickal Artisan Pop Up : Blogger Style

Chakra in a Box $40.00 Shipped 
Contains Doll
3 pins each blessed and coded for each Chakra
List of Chakra and meaning
List on how to use Chakra Doll
This is my unique idea . 

Doll has all Chakras positioned, used to aid in cleansing
 , balancing, re positioning, strengthening etc.

Each comes with 3 Blessed Pins per color (coded) 
to use with specific Chakra. Shown is an example 
of the set for the throat Chakra.

WW though outside CAN/US add 5.00for shipping 
$40.00 includes shipping to CAN/US
Pick up is always an option 
Message or comment for details and I will get back to you . .

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