Thursday, 5 April 2018

Day 95...365 Days of Magickal Artisan Pop Up : Blogger Style

Magickal Birthdays In a Box
                  ( of course this guy not included he just wanted his whimsy and fun pic to be the picture)
I have created an original idea
Each child is $10 each .
Shipping extra if not picked up
Order packed then weighed and you pay what it costs
to ship .
We can talk themes etc, lets connect
CAN Only at this time 
Comment or message to purchase or for details .

Everything that is needed for each child 
in whichever realm of Magick they choose .
to create a magickal keepsake to take home. 
The base product is given as well as all things needed
to decorate and turn into their own magickal 
take home gift.

Skip the party places and all that silly Jazz
Take a walk on the Magick side
From Wizards, to Witches, to the Fae , even a ghost or a ghoul 
for Halloween parties.
Any party you need some magick for the children . 
And craft time for fun and to keep them occupied. 


Pictures will be up of samples on my business 
Facebook page by end of the month 

Birthday Child is Free with a Minimum of 3 other children. $5.00 lower than that

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