Sunday, 22 April 2018

I needed a Display Case DIY

So this week in my "other" life, I created and perfected my Magickal candles. I was and am so proud of them , such a small thing but a victory and happiness for me .


With such an awesome thing I needed a display case to put them in to get them ready for selling ( vending) and just to keep them .
It is no secret and I do not keep it one either that as a single mom , there never is extra $$ no matter what I do or try so the thought of buying something was more than out of the question. 
Good thing I am crafty , can see ahead and create something out of nothing. So I tasked myself to create an awesome display case for as near to free as I could.
With it being Earth Day today as well what better way to reuse something or somethings .

I had a delivery last week and it came in the most perfect box. It was flat enough square with a perfect lift top closure . It was perfect . Wohoo and I knew I had some black paint to so I could paint it and of course it will be embellished to fit it's purpose even more.
 I needed to have the compartments and was out of luck in cardboard department to make the inside squares . But then I looked at the kleenex box on the table and Lightbulb; I was saving some to make more of the large size lego blocks for my little guy ( )
So I thought if I just cut the ends and flipped them up I would have perfect containers and I was right .  So the product is near to finished and will update the photo once she is complete , but thought I would share now. Okay so I ran out of paint and it isn't available in the budget till next month to replenish some supplies lol

 Making sure it all fits ,the one missing from the corner is the painted one in the next photo. It is actually perfect. Not to much room just enough to get the boxes in and out if needed. It all sits so perfect I was so happy. The kleenex cardboard middles are back in the craft chest and the only thing we had to recycle were the plastic pieces .
 Close up of the Kleenex ends and after I painted . To place in the "case"

I love how it all looks . The colors from the candles are stark and awesome against the black. There is no coloring in the candles at all , all from Natural ingredients .
The Red candles pictures are Just a Potent Lil Love spell and colour comes from the Rose petals I dried myself , and the green ones pictured are my Pine/Orange and green from the real pine needles I used.
I make many of them and if so inclined you can check out my Other life
*entertainment only 
Fire liability and responsibility on purchaser ONLY
$4.00 each or 2 for $7.00 
they are votive size. 

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