Thursday, 17 May 2018

THE BEST Natural Ant deterrent you will ever use

So this is a story all about how my In Home Ant Crisis was turned around ...........

Spring has sprung and the Ants are out in full force. Of course bane of existence for many of us especially if your home becomes overrun.

You can forget about the Cinnamon trail ( which works wonders by the way ) , as I introduce you to Zachary the Ant Whisperer and his Natural Creations , which weirdly has taken care of our Ant problem .

Along with the warmer weather in our not so well to do apartment, ( Let's face it my apartment is much less than crap-tastic so I basically live in an Ant hill till the cold weather hits.) the return of the Ants was headed my way . I was gearing up to get my Natural remedies in order ( yes I am one of those people , natural all the way baby)  , but then something curious happened.

My little Zach had befriended some of the Ants ( okay any and all that he saw) and made them a home. We are talking a weeks days of constant play with the Ants . He was building and rebuilding homes , even collected a monster sizer from Grandmas back yard in his bug catcher he had to have. As if the million little monsters weren't enough they needed a Big Mother Ant . I mean not like we could tell or anything of course. Actually I know the big sucker made it in the house but I haven't seen it since .

I decided not to do anything about the Ants; (not fun the first couple of days as they were travelling everywhere, plus it didn't help crushed food seemed to show up all over and I could vacuum fast enough, pretty sure Zach wasn't about to let them starve or anything) . ) but to just keep watch and something very weird and interesting happened.

A few days later.... Zachary re-used the empty wipe container and made them a perfect little home.
The Ants needed something to play in and jump through so he took some eyelits from my craft box so they would have hoops to jump through , he put some more small bits and bobbles and then of course he added food.(as if Goldfish crackers and Krave cereal is proper food source ) And whether you choose to believe it or not , this little childhood act and wonderment has solved my in home Ant problem.
The house is set up by the front door the Ants come in from under the front door, make their way to their house, grab their fill and seriously head right back out . I have no more crawling through the carpets, no more do the congregate in the kitchen as they plot world domination.  Without doing a thing but letting a child and nature co-exist , I have no Ant problem at all.

They know it is their home , weird and strange but true .

For now it works and Zach is happy as can be . Pets without the poop clean up , no noise but child's laughter and some interesting wonderment. I will leave his home there while we are still stuck here and keep watch and see. If they let the rest of the bugs life know though, forget it . Vacuum comes out , sucked up and out the door they go.