Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Day 122 ...365 Days of Magickal Artisan Pop Up : Blogger Style

Count down to Halloween Calendar 
Samhain , All Hallows Eve 

                                                    ( of course this monkey is not included)

You will receive 7 gifts and on All Hallows Eve ,
can be arranged together for a perfect and cute
display , infused with the magick of the Season of course.
All instructions and uses and descriptions if needed are included.

There will only be 5 available .
35.00 shipping included to Canada Only
Everything is handmade .
Includes countdown of course.
Shipped the first week of September to ensure delivery
Assuming you don't open it till then .

You can either buy outright or put a down payment of 15.00
to hold. Non refundable down payment as you are agreeing to buy .
Should you chose to not fulfill I need to recoup my costs, single mom here .

connect through Facebook to order 
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or leave a comment 


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