Thursday 14 June 2018

Did someone say STICKERS..... Four Bears Sticker Club Review

Someone did say stickers and my 80's child came out in the form of a Squeeeeee......

A new Canadian Sticker of the Month ( sort of ) Club by way of subscription . Did I mention Canadian. Browny points; no over the border fees , no arm and a leg USD to CDN cash conversion , and no pesky extra hidden shipping fees.

Let's introduce you to Four Bears Sticker ( and full disclosure I received June s Sticker pack in exchange for my honest review. Though I mean it is stickers so it was already batting 1000 before I even got it )

Amy is the creator and through her own need of a sticker subscription for her own little s , Four Bears was born. There was a lack in the Canadian Subscription department and what better way than to start it up for yourself. Then introduce the rest of Canada to your brilliant idea.

 Some deets first so you yourself can grab a hold of this awesome offer then the review. Young or old stickers have always been awesome .  The minute  you log onto the website you can grab yourself 20% off your first pack to just by hitting up and subscribing through email. 
  So STALK STALK STALK . All links below 

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There are 2 packs to choose from the Little Kids Starter Pack or the Big Kids Starter Pack. Click here to see what is inside
You can choose one of 3 options. A month to Month plan for $10.00 , 3 month pre-payed plan for $28.50 or  6 month pre-pay for $54.00.. What I like about this subscription plan is that you are actually given those options and a deal when you pre-pay.  There is also a gift option as well. Nana's and Grandpas you know how cool you would be.!!!??? Click here to start a subscription
Everyone has questions and the best person to answer those is Amy the awesome creator of this Sticker Pack Subscription . There is a great FAQ section and if you can't find your Q&A there just shoot off an email.
For FAQ click here

REVIEW ......... 
If you were anything like me as an 80's the early years you would have never gone anywhere without the old school photo album full of your sticker collection.
I mean you never knew who was going to have what to trade and how awesome of a deal in trade you could have stole.
If you were lucky you would have got your hands on a coveted scratch and sniffer. The dill pickle one , that one was hard to find . What I wouldn't give to still have that old album full of wonderfulness. Glittery, to the smelly, to the puffy, to the neon , to the whatever. There really were some crazy stickers in the 80's .
I was browsing through Facebook and came across Four Bears Sticker Club . I had to reach out , not only because of a Canadian company but because well hello STICKERS!!!! I became that little girl sticker collector again.

 Your stickers come in the coolest envelope packet. The entire envelope front and back is a colouring source for your little.

 Perfectly packed in a clear cellophane pack with Four Bears Brand sticker on the front .

 Lots of stickers. So many choices and you can smell the scented ones the minute you open the pack and they are all you want to dig through and find.  Old school scratch and sniff stickers Best Day EVER..
So at this point mommy opened this package when the little mister was sleeping. I wanted first crack and I wanted to split the stickers up so I could make my own sticker album again. A bit juvenile for some , but not for me. And seriously stickers just bring a smile to everyone's face,  so why not have some around in case I need to send a cheery letter.  This pack shown is the little kids starter pack .

This sheet of cupcakes I was so hoping were scratch and sniff but that is only because they looked good enough to eat.
You can never have enough star stickers.. Come on parents you know the star sticker system at least in some respects actually does work so star sticker sheet away.

The smellies and they are fruit Ninjas . Are you kidding me . They are actually scratch and sniff and you can bet it was so much fun teaching the scratch and Sniff stickers to my son .

Puffy stickers , they are so little and so cool the pic doesn't do their cuteness justice.

Some more puffies this time all strawberry They reminded me and are just like the retro Strawberry shortcake ones you could get, those these ones do not have a scent. 

Cute monsters stickers , I need not say more .

I love this sheet of food stickers .  My son was thinking of pranks he could play with the fake food.

Having a post card with your pack is something else. Right away I thought about PenPals when I was young and I definitely want to find my son a snail mail PenPal. No one does that rarely anymore and was such a huge part of my childhood I would love to pass that on .  There are PenPal know hows and How Tos on the Pinterest page . PINTEREST

I love this little dinner card color sheet . Double sided so you can draw your eats on the front and a cool color by numbers on the opposite side. You can also use some of your food stickers to decorate your plate if you felt so inclined.

These stickers came in a mini bag which was awesome and you got a ton of them to. Doubles of most to boot.
Just a more spread out pic to see the different ones.

I love the envelope, not only does it contain your sticker pack but it doubles as a creative outlet for your little as well.

These next few pics are just of my littel showing off some of the places he put his half of the stickers.. I packed them all back up and he has no clue there are mine hiding somewhere. My kid loves stickers, there is rarely a toy or piece of furniture that does not have a sticker on it of some kind. To me it is only just stuff anyway so it it needs a sticker revamp I am all for it .

In all my thoughts are 100% positive. I really feel you are getting a great deal for the price and there are so many stickers in your pack. It isn't just the stickers either you get those extra sheets of fun and your envelope is a colour page. Grab a subscription now to get your July Pack.  I really see the quality in this gift and perfect time to start Christmas Shopping to , knock a few kids off your list.

So what are you waiting for???!!!
Quality awesome stickers to your door each month.  Click here to subscribe