Monday, 15 October 2018

Etching Candle Spells : Easy Potent Spell Casting Magick

This is my most potent and working way to Spell cast . I find my Magick really takes to Candle Magick. I spin it my own way of course to indulge in my own uniqueness. The best part about these spells is just how simple they are to do , with amazing results. ( because I have to say so For Entertainment Purposes only and also if you choose to light a candle be smart with fire safety , use your brain and liability falls on you, I am just providing a form of spell casting)

With just a candle and a pin you can create any spell you wish .
And here is the thing , yes you can use coloured candles to correspond with what you are spelling but a white candle does the trick.
Also since you must let the candle burn through and let it extinguish itself , use a birthday candle. Does the same thing in speedy time. Needless to say they only cost about a buck for 48 sometimes , and that is a lot of spells as candles can get pricey. Plus if you love using colours you can get every colour in a Birthday candle as well.

3 Simple Steps
1) Hold your candle in your hands and talk your spell into your hands. It will embed into the candle.

2) Take your pin and etch the exact wish into your candle Start at the top where the wick is and write down  to base and continue the length and circumference of the candle , you can absolutely write over the point is just to etch the spell on the candle. You should be intending your spell intently as you write as well.

3) Light your wick , repeat your spell and let it burn . At this point you should also let the Universe take over here and  not dwell on the spell , you have sent it out .

 What is needed just a candle and pin and you and your Magick
 This one I did etch with a mini remove negativity from the home spell just to show you it works on a birthday candle though the picture is hard to tell.
Just a couple of my etched candles that I usually keep on hand . These are not my birthday candle ones and etched with certain spells that I bring out on special occasions but my candle stash is now just tons and tons of birthday candles.

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