Sunday 14 October 2018

Simple but Effective Written Spell

For this spell all you need is a square piece of paper , a pen and a Wish 
 Square piece  of blank paper I just squared off a piece of normal printer paper , just cut the corner out .
 First Step is to name your desire or one you love . This is what you want to attract to you in your life . So you write the object or the persons name 5 times in descending order. If this is a person be very clear to write their full first and last name to call the right person to you .
 Next you turn the paper one turn clock wise . Here since you are calling desire or person to you , you are going to write your own name full first and last 7 times over the desire person. You want to make sure you completely cover the desire or persons name. Make sure to leave some room around the edges for the next step. Make sure that your name is above and below as you can see written clearly.
 Now the wish part : Start in the top left corner above your name and in  one continuous loop , repeat around the paper in 2 full turns the exact Wish you you want, clearly name your desire or the name of the person you are trying to "catch" and make your wish . there is no right or wrong way to write here, it is entirely your wish. Continue writing in one continuous loop the wish over and over till you have  looped back to original corner on the second rotation. DO NOT LIFT YOUR PEN . This is where the spell comes in , there is no need to dot any i's or cross any t's the penmanship is not important . The continuous loop encircling is. 

 Once finished it is now time to fold , and on each fold you must fold toward yourself as you are calling the wish to you. You can do as many folds as you like, completely up to you . Each fold must be folded towards you and turn the paper one turn clockwise before each fold. You are also chanting your wish as you fold as well. 

Once you are finished you can either wax spell seal your spell or leave it as is. It is bed to place under your pillow for Wishes and kept on you in terms of love spells. You can also place away for safe keeping in a power place of your choice.
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