Saturday, 29 December 2018

Health from Transylvania Jam and Tea review

I can't even and I do not know where to start. I already need to travel to Romania and having these treats delivered to my door ,
Before I back peddle and start from the beginning  this is not a sponsored post in any way. I have chosen to review these products on my own honestly. Though full disclosure I did win these products from a giveaway they had.

As I mentioned I was one of the winners from their getting out there , introduce themselves giveaway. 10 winners receiving a tea and a jam.  My package came wrapped like a Christmas present are you kidding me. That is beyond and made me even more giddy.

The delivery was yesterday , but somehow I missed the front door buzzer and had to walk to pick it up this morning , but that gave me time to figure out what to do with my jam and tea, the best way to showcase it. Sure I hadn't even tried it or set eyes on it yet, but somehow I just knew it was going to amazing.
So before we take a look at what was in side who is Health from Transylvania?
A small artisan family run business, that takes tradition from 100 years ago from their Transylvanian roots, and produces hand made , hand foraged Jams and teas.  Ingredients harvested , made traditionally , handmade lovingly from Transylvania, Romania.  Personally how I see them from hat I have read for myself. I can say even before the review starts you can 100% taste the love in the products. You know it is homemade, you can taste it, see it , smell  it. Lovingly hand crafted.

Now down to my gifties inside 
My Tea :

I received the Tea from the Carpathian Mountains. Contains blackberry leaves, raspberry leaves, bilberry leaves, elderflowers, and linden blossom.

What I absolutely love and adore about this tea is that you can tell it is fresh picked. You are getting the actually full leaf , full flower.  That is real tea to me, steeping the actual product just loose in your cup. 
Find the teas HERE
Taste Test below.

My jam:
Adorable packaging right. The square of cloth just adds like 10 levels. I can just see this in a Nana cool room after jam making season.

Fruits of the Forest jam was my flavor received. It contains bilberries, lingon berries, raspberries, and blackberries. You are given 80 g of actual forest fruit er 100 g of product which is mind blowing to me, but one glance under the lid and you know it as such. The package also displays the name of who lovingly hand crafted your jam.
Find the jams HERE

Taste test below.

So as I mentioned I had a plan for my taste test . I mean what else do you make jam , esp when you have tea around? ; for me you make empire cookies , and you steep the tea the way it is supposed to made. Now let's bring my Witch roots in cause why not and gifts from Romania , it can 't be any either way without cauldron shaped cookies and a reading of  your tea leaves. Tea leaf reading is not something I have done but am very keen to learn as their is history with a family member being gifted in Tasseography.
The jam is delicious. Berry after berry in this perfect preserve. Not the hard not jam, jam you get at the grocery store that is over produced. Perfect ratio of juice to berry. You can taste each harvested fruit on your tongue. The freshness and sweet taste bursts from each berry as you taste them. I would have eaten the whole jar in one sitting to be fair.

As you can see the tea is real produce. The blossoms were so pretty dancing in my cup. I allowed the tea to steep the 3 minutes and by that time all of the tea ingredients had sunk to the bottom of  my tea cup as it should.
As with the jam, the tea allowed your taste buds a taste of each element.  Each sip held different notes and flavor profiles. You will ruin it if you add any type of sweetener or creamer at all. You would miss the earthy sweet tones of the flowers, kissing each leaf to extract a taste sensation.

 The jam perfectly soaked the shortbread cookie and no need to dip. I may fancy afternoon tea from now on, though I will have to come up with more ways to use the jam and maybe bake with some of the steeped tea as well.
So on close out for a little bit of fun, here are my tea leaves, so I am giving it a shot. I see a kite left in the cup, you can;t really see but there is a string like piece of linden blossom connecting to the top bits so to me it is a kite, I also see a warrior and an arrow. inverted sort of or a greater than symbol. So using intuition of my own I can pretty much get the gist of what has shown up for me, but while I am off doing some research , what do you see in the tea leaves for me?

What are you waiting for , you need to stalk their social media and ordering a must at least from my point of view. I am gifting myself each product , it may take all year for that to happen but it is happening. I can't go back , these jams and teas have ruined every other jam and tea for me ,they are just that good. 
New company as well , please help get the word out.




  1. Thank you for sharing the jam looks fabulous. I am going to be order some!

    1. Oh you wont be disappointed. I can't wait to try every single one and to keep some on hand.