Wednesday 26 June 2019

Cotton Candy Ice Cream Taste Test

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Part 1

Part 2

St Jacobs Market Impromptu Food Chronicles: French fry Edition : A Taste of Greece

Walking through the market and our stomachs grumble, fact. Not from being hungry, or you don't think you are hungry till the smell of the pop up food vendor shops or staple stores hit your senses like a wave of get in my belly intense flavour.  The aroma as we were heading down one aisle following both our nose and now hunger for something to eat, and we see it. We see the object our senses awoken to... The French Fry Sign.But not just any fry. The aroma has a certain flavour profile and the ingredients listed, that was it.

You get real potatoes, skin on cut to perfection, perfectly salted perfect sized fries. Marinated in rosemary, thyme, and chives and then topped with feta cheese. Served with this kalamata  dip on the side that I can't even. It was just that good. These fries are a must for a quick snack or a keep you going so you can continue around the entire market. At $4.25 the price is right, fries are shareable and you get more real food. There is so much more to get there as well and if I had not been so memorized by those fries I would have taken a deeper dive into all the food on offer. But because I didn't and only had fries on the brain, I have no shame; from that sign , the ingredients and the aroma made it impossible for me to think of anything else. Since since there is so much more there how about you run to their Instagram page and check it out  Just by seeing their pictures man I missed out, but those fries. Seriously wiped any other thought from my brain , esp once the dip hit my taste buds.

(Who gets the last bits...... no perfectly cut, topped to perfection spud gets left behind, nor any of that feta)
A Taste of Greece delivered just that, and I wanted to stay there and lick the dip container. But instead I took the fry fork and flipped it and it spooned it out.  Any waste would have been pure blasphemy.
As a staple inside one of the buildings, A Taste Of Greece will always be there for you. Nostalgia adorns their cash spot with a piece of the original wood before the devastating fire to the market many years ago.

Yes I was graciously given the fries to try ( which I am so grateful for and my taste buds are too), but all opinions and writing style is mine and given in a very honest way. I can't fault them in anyway except maybe a tall glass of that kalamata dip for the side but then that would just be being greedy at how amazing it is.  This to I would buy in bottle form as a take home. 
Whether you are hungry or not you can always find room for fries. Make sure to get yourself on to any GRT bus or train and get your self driven to the market for free. You have Thursday and Saturday left to ride when the market is open.

St Jacobs Market Impromptu Food Chronicles: Ice Cream Edition : Grandpa Shantz's Homemade Old fashioned Ice Cream

Ice cream the one true cold summery treat that can bring us all together . Everyone seems to have a story with ice cream , a fond memory or two, a flavour that causes a reminisce.
Now C@@@@@s you have had my heart but nestled away a the St. Jacobs Farmers Market is an ice cream surprise you must be sure not to miss. A secret needs telling and shouted from the roof tops.

I am talking about Grandpa Shantz's Homemade Old fashioned Ice Cream.
The whir of the machine, the sound hypnotizes you to even at the very least check out what is happening, and what is the machine itself.

Coming in close and realizing it is 2 John Deere mowers created to form an old fashioned ice cream maker, you sit and stare for a minute. Thinking can it be true, has Grandpa Ross Shantz really done it 13 years ago creating an ice cream making machine. The answer is simple and a resounding yes.

This will be the second year that Hannah, her brother, and of course the odd visit by Grandpa Ross himself have been at the market. First year for me to find them( first year back at the market in a very long time sad to say what a gem I have missed) and first year for them with a social media presence. So head here to their Instagram page, give them a follow and then head to the Market , Tuesday , Thursday or Saturday and grab yourself a cup. Now do yourself a favour and just buy the $5.00 adult size right off the jump, you will regret that you didn't if you just get the small $3.00 kid sized one. 


Cold creamy perfect hinted taste of Vanilla but so intense at the same time. A perfect balance of all homemade natural ingredients.  By all rights as well you can taste the homemade and the love from a multi generation family business, bringing everyone's favorite treat to you.  There would be nothing better than a cup on any summer day.  If it can happen hint hint, maybe some take home mini quarts would be divine.  So velvety smooth, not processed the taste of home. It is hard to explain to taste without having the sensation for yourself.  How can I convey it tastes real with love, but that is exactly the perfect description. Creamy coating in your mouth , swirls of delicious homemade Vanilla Ice Cream.

There were caramel and chocolate syrups for the topping of your Vanilla Ice Cream but wanted to really taste and give the ice cream it's due.  Now that we have the next ones will be topped with some caramel to give it a go.

This photo below explains everything perfectly regarding how they make it and I couldn't say it better. With a nod to the engines as well.

I would like to graciously thank Hannah ( Spelling on point I hope so  :) ) , for agreeing to sponsor out our 2 cups to taste and try. While given product for free all the thoughts , opinions and my writing style is mine alone and an open and honest review. The fact is I am still thinking about it and wished I had had some for a late night snack last night and for my hot chocolate this morning as a topper) 
The market is open tomorrow Thursday , grab your fiver and get over there. With all the GRT transportation free right now there is no excuse not to get up there .  

Monday 10 June 2019

The Bus Chronicles. GRT Transit Ride for Free

(I took a picture of the picture from the Cambridge Times  Newspaper )

  Let's face it the price to ride the city bus is not very cost effective or friendly for this single mom. But thanks to the GRT ( Grand River Transit) unveiling the new ION and routes they are providing free service on all their platforms. From June 21 2019 after inaugural run of the ION to July 1 2019 , you can just hop on any city bus, ION light rail, ION Bus, iXpress, and MobilityPlus and Kiwanis. That's right no need to have a ticket, a pass or anything; just get on. ( I have confirmation from GRT that validates that.) Anyone within the region can just hop on. So even if you have a vehicle , maybe grab the bus a few times for free, the Environment will thank you and so will your wallet.  Head to GRT website for all the info you may need GRT Website

  This is great news for Zach and I , and we are going to take full advantage of this gift. We will also be Blogging and  Vlogging our daily adventures also. We are looking for places to go within the region on the bus. The can include events, places to go, great places to eat or grab a pastry treat, etc.
  If you have any recommendations that would be great as we would love to include those. Also if you would like to partner with us on these adventures that would be great to. We are offering and looking for direct exchange of free product , event tickets, donut, etc for  being included in our posts. You will be highlighted and we will include any extra info you require, and share all of your links to your social media as well. We of course will be sharing across a wide range of social media mediums too.
  Can not wait for these adventures  to begin and if you want to just join us let me know.

**Just for knowledge for those that do use the bus on a regular basis, I know that routes are changing and things will be different for you. Please make sure to check out the website and prepare yourself for the changes.
DISCLOSURE : I  have no partnership with GRT and the views,  reviews and thoughts are mine alone.