Monday, 10 June 2019

The Bus Chronicles. GRT Transit Ride for Free

(I took a picture of the picture from the Cambridge Times  Newspaper )

  Let's face it the price to ride the city bus is not very cost effective or friendly for this single mom. But thanks to the GRT ( Grand River Transit) unveiling the new ION and routes they are providing free service on all their platforms. From June 21 2019 after inaugural run of the ION to July 1 2019 , you can just hop on any city bus, ION light rail, ION Bus, iXpress, and MobilityPlus and Kiwanis. That's right no need to have a ticket, a pass or anything; just get on. ( I have confirmation from GRT that validates that.) Anyone within the region can just hop on. So even if you have a vehicle , maybe grab the bus a few times for free, the Environment will thank you and so will your wallet.  Head to GRT website for all the info you may need GRT Website

  This is great news for Zach and I , and we are going to take full advantage of this gift. We will also be Blogging and  Vlogging our daily adventures also. We are looking for places to go within the region on the bus. The can include events, places to go, great places to eat or grab a pastry treat, etc.
  If you have any recommendations that would be great as we would love to include those. Also if you would like to partner with us on these adventures that would be great to. We are offering and looking for direct exchange of free product , event tickets, donut, etc for  being included in our posts. You will be highlighted and we will include any extra info you require, and share all of your links to your social media as well. We of course will be sharing across a wide range of social media mediums too.
  Can not wait for these adventures  to begin and if you want to just join us let me know.

**Just for knowledge for those that do use the bus on a regular basis, I know that routes are changing and things will be different for you. Please make sure to check out the website and prepare yourself for the changes.
DISCLOSURE : I  have no partnership with GRT and the views,  reviews and thoughts are mine alone. 

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